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How an immigrant can get an education in the USA: Global Professional Consulting experts answered questions from ForumDaily readers

A good education in America is the key to future financial well-being. And for immigrants who, after moving to the United States, are often forced to start everything from scratch, a local diploma sometimes becomes almost a ticket to a new life. However, it can be difficult for a newly arrived immigrant to understand the system of American education, choose an educational institution, prepare the necessary package of documents, and even more so understand the conditions for receiving financial assistance in college. New York Company Global Professional Consultingwhich for years 20 has been advising in the field of education, has helped more than one hundred immigrants from post-Soviet countries to get into American universities. At the request of ForumDaily Irina Kokurina, President of the company Global Professional Consulting, answered questions from our readers. The style of the questions we left unchanged.

President of Global Professional Consulting Irina Kokurina. Photo by Andrey Omelchenko

Question: I’m 31 for a year, I live in Minneapolis, I have a diploma from a Russian medical higher education institution with a degree in health economics and management. I want to study at the doctor. What are the chances to enter and which university is better? I understand that first you need to test a diploma, then go to the preliminary courses before the medical school? Pay is also not possible ...

If you want to become a doctor, then first you need to choose a university in which you will need to get a pre-med program and, in accordance with its requirements, to evaluate a diploma. You may not need to take the full course, something may be overcharged. Upon completion, you will need to pass an exam for admission to medical school and then study 4 of the year. A rather laborious and financially costly way.

Obtaining a physiotherapist, occupational therapis, etc. may be a little easier.

Your Russian diploma can most likely be equated to the Master's Degree degree in Healthcare Administration.

Question: My son dreams of becoming a pilot. We have applied for political asylum and at the moment there is no green card. Can my son after graduation rely on financial aid (finance aid)? And which school has the lowest tuition fees?

Your son, unfortunately, will not be able to receive financial aid until the situation with your status is clarified.

Question: I am 43 years old. I am a professional accountant, education - higher, bachelor of economics, work experience over 15 years. Is there an age limit for the Graduate Grant? Is it possible to evaluate a Kazakh diploma in the USA? What would you advise me to do in order to get a job in my profile (courses, college, etc.)?

There is no age limit for admission to the magistracy. Evaluation of Kazakhstan diploma is possible. I would advise you first of all to make a high-quality resume for your job search and, perhaps, to complete short courses in order to become familiar with professional vocabulary and computer programs used by businesses (QuickBooks, etc).

President of Global Professional Consulting Irina Kokurina. Photo by Denis Cheredov

Question: We are in the process of waiting for a decision on granting political asylum. We have permission to work in the United States. Son this year ends high school. Does he have the right to go to college, being out of status? Does he have the right to apply for scholarship or financial aid?

Yes, the son can apply for college. He will not be able to receive financial assistance.

Question: My daughter and son study at a medical university in Ukraine. Reunification documents in progress. Is it possible to continue medical education in America? How to do it? Thank!

Of course, real. You must obtain all the documents (transcript, name and description of the university), choose a university in America and fulfill all the requirements for admission / transfer to a particular university. If your children are on the last courses, then it may be worthwhile to graduate from a university in Ukraine and come with a diploma. In this case, it will not be necessary to complete the education, it will only be necessary to pass professional exams.

Question: I ask for advice on how to find a way out. How to help a child from another country get an education in high school in America?

The child must come to America, be in legal status and submit documents to the school at the place of residence.

Question: Can I get a TESOL-certificate for free or for little money?

There is no free way. Different educational institutions have different tuition fees depending on the type of the educational institution.

Question: Tell me, please, how much does it cost to prepare and confirm the diploma of a nurse? My wife has a diploma from a midwife and 20 experience. How long is the preparation for confirmation? Thank you very much.

A midwife’s diploma cannot be equated to a nurse’s diploma. For America, these are two different formations. If she wants to be a nurse, you need to relearn.

Question: How to confirm in the US education, received at home?

To evaluate There are agencies that re-recognize foreign education in general. But if your specialty is related to obtaining a professional license (for example, a nurse, doctor, engineer), then you should contact specialized national organizations.

Question: What is Educational credential evaluators (ECE)?

This is one of the evaluation agencies of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

Question: I live in New York. Education received in Ukraine. Now I started to do a diploma evaluation at WES. They require an apostille for a diploma of higher education. I cannot go to Ukraine now. How can I make an apostille?

You can contact us. We help to put an apostille on diplomas obtained in the CIS countries.

Question: We won the green card. We are going to move to the United States. I work as a biology teacher at school. I heard that nurses have good salaries in the USA. I would like to go in this direction. Where should I start?

In order to become a nurse, you must have a nursing degree (graduate school in your country) or retrain in America. There are such retraining programs on the basis of higher education.


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