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Study: 90% of citrus fruits in the US contain harmful toxins and carcinogens

Almost 90% of all citrus fruits contain toxins, according to a new report from the Environment Working Group (EWG). The edition told in more detail Eat this.

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A consumer advocacy group tested 25 samples of inorganic grapefruit, lemons, tangerines and oranges for pesticide residues used to extend shelf life. Imazalil and thiabendazole, two fungicides, hormones were found in almost 90% of the samples.

Imazalil can cause cancer and damage the endocrine and reproductive systems. The highest levels of this fungicide have been found in clementines, grapefruits, and oranges.

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“The average level of imazalil was about 20 times higher than the scientists recommend,” says EWG toxicologist Alexis Temkin. - Imazalil is a fungicide that is classified as probable human carcinogen. It can even change hormone levels. "

The EWG tested, among other things, two organic oranges and one grapefruit, but none of them showed any signs of fungicides. According to Temkin, organic citrus is the best choice for reducing fungicide exposure: "In addition, she says, choosing locally produced citrus may have lower levels of fungicide than imported samples."

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In any case, Temkin still recommends that you and your loved ones always eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, both regular and organic.

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