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The IRS will send an additional 50 thousand checks of quarantine financial aid: to whom and when to wait for money

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that it will send out an additional 50 financial aid checks in September in connection with the coronavirus. The failure to pay this money was due to a mistake that the IRS made in processing the data. Writes about it Forbes.

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Help withheld by mistake

The IRS can withhold your payment for a variety of reasons, including outstanding debts. For example, the IRS will cut tax refunds if a person has outstanding debts. But in the case of financial aid in connection with the coronavirus, the CARES law provided that the IRS would not cut or completely withhold payments for debts. CARES provided that the payment can be withheld only in case of delay in alimony, any other debts should not have affected the payment of financial aid.

However, in the rush to send checks, the IRS improperly withheld payments to approximately 50 people. For these individuals, the IRS will reimburse their money. This error even occurred to those who filed a petition for non-collection of alimony from their spouse along with their tax returns for 000 or 2019. This form actually notifies the IRS that there is no need to withhold child support.

On the subject: Why some Americans will not receive financial assistance in connection with the coronavirus until 2021

The IRS identified the issue in May, describing it as follows: “The IRS is aware that in some cases, one of the spouses who filed a non-collection petition with his or her 2019 tax return received the other’s check as compensation for late child support. The IRS is working with the Internal Revenue Service and the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Office of Child Support, to address this issue as quickly as possible.

When do recipients receive checks?

With the issue resolved, the IRS says it will pay the money between early September and mid-September. Payments will be physical checks and will be mailed to those for whom Form 8379 has been filed for no support. Individuals do not need to take any action to receive this payment.

Individuals who did not complete Form 8379 but did not receive checks for the same reason will also receive their money, but this will take some time.

"These individuals also do not need to take any action and do not need to submit Form 8379. The IRS has not yet set a time frame, but will issue this money," the IRS said in a statement.

Taxpayers can use the IRS tool Get my paymentto check the status of your payments.

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Why some Americans will not receive financial assistance in connection with the coronavirus until 2021

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