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Trump premium: which states will add $ 300 to unemployment benefits

Following the elimination of the additional $ 600 in unemployment benefits due to the COCID-19 pandemics, US President Donald Trump signed a decree that states could pay an additional $ 300. Writes about it CNBC.

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But, as is the case with most aspects of the national unemployment system, payment details will vary from state to state.

On August 8, the president signed a decree extending the additional weekly federal payment, but reduced it to $ 400 per week.

In accordance with the presidential decree, the costs of $ 100 per week are to be borne by the states, and $ 300 by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Thus, the total amount of payments to the unemployed will be $ 400 per week.

Kentucky and Montana, for example, will pay $ 400 instead of $ 300. Some states expect it to be weeks before people receive payments, while Arizona began paying them last week (August 17).

On the subject: 'There is no money in the piggy bank': will the states be able to fulfill Trump's decree on unemployment assistance

The speed at which payments are made will depend, in part, on when - or even if - states apply to the federal government for help. Then their application must be approved.

More than 28 million people receiving unemployment benefits are likely wondering what the status of their state is.

State status:

  • Alabama - Approved.
  • Alaska - Approved.
  • Arizona - Approved.
  • Arkansas - applied.
  • California - Approved.
  • Colorado - Approved.
  • Connecticut - No action yet.
  • Delaware - plans to apply.
  • Florida - No action yet.
  • Georgia - Approved.
  • Hawaii - No action yet.
  • Idaho - Approved.
  • Illinois - No action yet.
  • Indiana - Approved.
  • Iowa - Approved.
  • Kansas - No action yet.
  • Kentucky - Approved.
  • Louisiana - Approved.
  • Maine - plans to apply.
  • Maryland - Approved.
  • Massachusetts - Approved.
  • Michigan - Approved.
  • Minnesota - No action yet.
  • Mississippi - Approved.
  • Missouri - Approved.
  • Montana - Approved.
  • Nebraska - No action yet.
  • Nevada - No action yet.
  • New Hampshire - No action yet.
  • New Jersey - No action yet.
  • New Mexico - Approved.
  • New York - Approved.
  • North Carolina - Approved.
  • North Dakota - No action yet.
  • Ohio - plans to apply.
  • Oklahoma - Approved.
  • Oregon - No action yet.
  • Pennsylvania - No action yet.
  • Rhode Island - Approved.
  • Южная Каролина
  • South Dakota - Not applying.
  • Tennessee - Approved.
  • Texas - Approved.
  • Utah - Approved.
  • Vermont - Approved.
  • Virginia - plans to apply.
  • Washington - Approved.
  • West Virginia - applied.
  • Wisconsin - No action yet.
  • Wyoming - applied.

FEMA, which oversees funding for the program, has approved applications from 26 states as of 10:30 am ET Monday, Aug 24.

These states are: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Vermont.

Officials in about 10 other states have applied for or announced plans to apply for assistance. South Dakota has said it will not apply.

Not all unemployed people are entitled to benefits. Those who currently receive less than $ 100 a week in unemployment benefits will not receive assistance - that is, thousands, perhaps over a million.

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