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Elon Musk is suing a Ukrainian company: what is the reason

The American company SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp.) filed a lawsuit against the Ukrainian company Starlink LLC and Ukrpatent. The case was opened on October 24, reports Dev.

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SpaceX wants to terminate Starlink's trademark, Starlink, early.

What is known

It turned out that the Ukrainian Starlink brand of the same name has existed for a very long time. Ukrainian Starlink LLC filed an application for its registration, according to the data of the trademark register, back in March 2010. And the registration of the mark took place in February 2011.

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Recall that a subsidiary of the American Starlink appeared in Ukraine in April 2022. It is called Starlink Ukraine LLC. Also during the war, Starlink began to provide satellite Internet services in Ukraine.

The founder of Starlink LLC is Sergey Dulitsky. Sergey said that Musk's lawyers contacted him a year ago, even before the start of the war. They demanded that the trademark be given away in favor of the American Starlink. Reason: “Starlink is a world famous brand. So give it up."

What brands does SpaceX have in Ukraine

It is known that SpaceX in Ukraine in 2020 filed the SpaceX Starlink brand for registration. He received the rights to it in August of this year.

Also this year, SpaceX filed in Ukraine for the registration of another trademark - SpaceX by Starlink.

What's next

Sergey Dulitsky said that his company has been providing IT services and providing them under the StarLink brand for a very long time - more than 14 years. The Starlink LLC company itself was registered according to the register back in 2009.

Starlink is a satellite Internet service from SpaceX that operates in low Earth orbit (LEO). Starlink was first announced in 2015 and started offering services to customers in 2020.

Sergei Dulitsky says he doesn't want to just give his name to an American company. “We are not to blame for choosing such a name. By the way, long before Starlink itself appeared, ”he emphasizes.

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The founder of the Ukrainian company admits that he can negotiate with SpaceX, but on the condition that the latter compensates his company for the losses associated with the abandonment of the brand. He stressed that clients know his business by this name, mail has worked on this domain for many years, and so on.

The first hearing in the case, according to Sergey, is scheduled for December 8.

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