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How Can Businesses Successfully Implement Artificial Intelligence

AI Experts believe the Bottom-up approach could help improve the implementation of AI in Businesses worldwide, as studies show that of the 25 percent of businesses that have adopted and implemented AI globally, 50 percent have failed.

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According to the IDC Global Survey Report 2019, which studied around 2,473 companies worldwide, identified the lack of skilled staff and unrealistic expectations as top reasons for failure after implementation of AI. However, according to Machine Learning Experts and engineers working on developing AI products, there could be a game-changer in the success of businesses after the implementation of AI.

“From my observations, while working on several projects, the main reason that organizations fail to implement AI technology successfully in their businesses is that most organizations use the top-down communication approach in their hierarchy,” said Talha Obaid, a Software Engineer expert who has worked extensively on developing Machine Learning solutions.

Obaid who has been working on the development and implementation of Machine learning solutions for over a decade or so, believes that the execution process should be changed. “The need for AI should come from the bottom to the top, as people doing the work know what they need to do to improve their productivity, while the management may not be aware of the day to day challenges workers or engineers face,” he said.

What is the Bottom- Up communication approach

A bottom-up approach is an information strategy that processes information based on incoming feedback from the environment to form a perception.

In the bottom-up approach, the individual base elements of the system are first specified in great detail. These elements are put together to form larger subsystems, which are connected at many levels until a complete top-level system is formed. Such organizational communication systems help in gathering all the feedback necessary and then analyzing it to come to a solution.

“The main reason for failure after implementation of chatbots and other AI systems is that the problem the organization is facing is not known. Thus introducing a system that does not provide a solution to the existing problem will not help the business, ”said Obaid.

Obaid who is originally from Pakistan has witnessed companies from startups to MNCs make similar mistakes in their communication system. According to him, the communication approach in most companies when it comes to implementation of an AI solution is the reason behind their failure.

How can the Bottom-UP communication Approach help

The top-down method, which is used by many enterprises today, fails to solve problems because the decisions are based on information that the management has, or the management has made based on the latest trends or fads without actually understanding what their business requires. “There is negligible team participation in the decision-making process, this means that the team doing the work at the grass-root level and cannot give their feedback on what problems they have and what solutions would help them," he said.

A Software Engineer and an expert in Machine Learning, who began his career in research and development, stated that just because one company needs an AI dashboard to manage sales does not mean that the same things should be implemented in the other organization. He further explained that most companies these days are just jumping on the band-wagon without really understanding their own needs.

According to Obaid, the bottom-up approach helps solve this problem because it gives the management an idea of ​​what the problem is and the kind of solutions they will require before a decision to invest in it is made.

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