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“Extraordinary” green card: US immigration options for entrepreneurs

There are no limits on the number of people living in the United States. In practice, however, it would be possible to come back. The immigration process offers you several examples.

Liran Rosenfeld and Gal Talmor

Liran rosenfeld It was a short time to come. It was permanently. It was a much more complicated procedure.

“I’m a business partner,” he said. Liran says.

The Israeli entrepreneur has received more than the consultation.

"But I’m not sure that I’ve heard that I’ve been Therefore, I was not interested in it. I have been given an extra-vista card. I refused, ”Says Rosenfeld.

He decided to meet with attorneys, but this time without paying for consultations. One possibility offered by attorneys was an L-1A visa, which requires a branch of the individual entrepreneur, moving to the US

"This is a visa demanding that you’ll be a business plan for it. I’m not sure if I could prove or not. The cost for an L-1A Visa would be $ 10,000. Then again, I approached a third attorney, he recommended that I get an E-2 visa, which is an investment visa for non-millionaires and would cost $ 12,000. In order to get this visa, I was investing in the case of each of the immigration specialists. This was exasperating. How do you choose the right path?”Says Liran.

The founders have been underwent the same “headache” and were not satisfied with the results.

Liran says.

"Meet attorneys, get different references and eventually decide. This was not the case., ”Liran says.

The entrepreneur says. After you sign, you couldn’t even be an attorney.

"It was a woman who received his green card. EB-1 visa. I was impressed: why was it? I mean the EB-1 and I-2, ”Liran says.

The EB-1 It is an immigrant. However, it’s not necessary to confirm the applicant’s admission. This includes not only outstanding figures, but also teachers, researchers, managers, and business leaders. For this visa, it's not necessary to have an American employer.

“After a short while I found an immigration attorney who was an EB-1 specialist. If you are a woman, then you can apply for citizenship, ” Liran says.

He has a charge that he will be able to pay. As a result, it has been the status of permanent residents after seven months. However, it wasn't that easy.

"Four months later, I got an RFE, a Request for More Evidence. This made me extremely concerned. What if I chose the wrong attorney? What will happen if I get rejected? Will she really return my money? At that time I began to be homesick. I’m planning to go to my cousin’s wedding. I wasn’t being trapped. This was a nightmare for me. If I’m left, it’s not meant to be able to come back. EB-1 Liran says.

Russian artist and fashion designer Aleona Isakova. For 14 Favore haute couture house (Switzerland - Russia), including collections, the United Kingdom. Aleona told her story about the immigration community.

“My husband and I decided to ask for this specific visa. It was where we arrived on a tourist visa. We spent three months on gathering my portfolio. We had to include everything: posters from exhibitions in different countries, invitations, photographs. It all looked optimistic; It was a good deal. We cheered up and started waiting, ” Aleona wrote.

Artist and fashion designer Aleona Isakova. Photo: YouTube.

Nine months later, the designer received a response.

“He wrote that our articles were from insignificant media - Letters of letters were provided by insignificant organizations. He gave an example of a State Hermitage Museum! To be honest, I was shocked, and our attorney was shocked as well. We didn't even have a Plan B. It was very sad. It has been a lot of effort. “Explaining the letter to the global culture,” Aleona wrote.

By this time the artist had earned earned interest. Letters received from the co-filed green card.

“It’s an EB-1 now, but it’s worth trying. You better recommendation letters from American experts. And you’re having posts in. And you definitely should have a Plan B, ” Aleona wrote on the community website.

This is why attorneys propose starting with 'safer' nonimmigrant visa, O-1. This is a safety net, but you still have this legal status. If you want, you can apply for it again.

O 1 It is a nonimmigrant visa, it’s not possible to automatically apply for a green card. O-1 is for sports, science, education, or business. To prove your extraordinary abilities, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Receipt of international or national prizes and rewards;
  • Published materials in media;
  • Membership in associations that require outstanding achievements;
  • Original scientific, scholarly, or business-related contributions;
  • Authorship of scholarly articles in professional journals or major media;
  • High salary or other remuneration for services;
  • Participation of the work of others;
  • Employment in a critical or essential role for organizations.

Still, Liran Rosenfeld EB-1 immigration visa by a startup founders is quite possible.

“When I came to the US, I had no idea that I could stay there legally. When I started squandering time attorneys, I’ve been inundated with untrustworthy professionals. I had no idea what EB-1 and EB-2 belong to attorneys.

“In addition, I had no suspicion despite the fact that I couldn’t have it. When you read the EB-1 or EB-2, you should be a Nobel Prize winner. But entrepreneurs like me can apply as well, ” Rosenfeld wrote.

He says that you should choose an attorney carefully using the following criteria:

“Make sure you get a money back guarantee included in the agreement; that the attorney is an EB-1 / 2 expert. Support is necessary, ” he says.

EB-1 O-1. Liran recommends your ability to field your field:

  • Or internationally recognized prizes or awards for excellence;
  • Outstanding achievement of their members;
  • Or where the major media;
  • Whether you’re individually or on a panel;
  • Evidence of your significant scientific, artistic, athletic, or business-related contributions to the field;
  • Of articles;
  • It has been displayed;
  • Critical role in distinguished organizations;
  • High degree of salinity or other significantly higher remuneration;
  • Evidence of your commercial successes

To facilitate the process, Gal talmor and Liat portal, have developed their own platform, PassRight, which makes it possible for the immigrants.

Liat portal

The priorities of the project are family and business migration, including corporations, startups, and attracting talented individuals. Users can choose from two options: through the website by themselves, or pick an immigration attorney. They have been selected for the categories of people.

This is a Tal Talor option.

If they migrate, they are offered a set of options from which they choose the type of immigration: work, study, investment, family immigration, etc. It is recommended that you follow the rules.

“If you’re in the world? Family, financial, employment, social, housing, transportation, immigrants. Regardless of where you come from or your socio-economical background. The choice of the immigration lawyer, as already mentioned, is fraught with many difficulties. It is often too slow.

“When I’m in the area of ​​a technical specialist, I’m aware of the immigrant nightmare.” It is designed to Liran summed up.

This material is published in a partnership with PassRight USVisa.

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