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Technology vs. Health: Screen-time Tips for Parents

Electronic devices - such as televisions, smartphones, and computers - can be bad for children if they're used too much. Studies have found links between too much screen time and childhood obesity, as well as delayed development. How Much is ...

Preparing to Have a Healthy School Year

The new school year is full of opportunities. It's a great chance for kids to get together with their old pals, make new friends, and get good grades by working hard. While the children learn their ABCs, parents can do ...


Every child deserves quality health care. It is a good idea to get rid of your health.

The abuser

Something is brewing, 55-year-old Yaakov Dov Bleich. Just this past Friday (3-29-19) he was a prominent figure ...

It is now possible to study for the US nursing licensure examination online.

It has been granted that it has been licensed to receive a copyright certificate from the United States. For the people who have a ...

How can I?

Life as an immigrant is never easy. Qualifications. It can be especially difficult to understand.

Prosecutors office of Ukraine closest allies served

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine (GPU) has completed the investigation against Serhiy Kurchenko. By the Yanukovych's “family”, the “notices of suspicion of laundering billions of stollen money”

How can I find out? Global Global Specialists will answer ForumDaily readers' questions

Life as an immigrant is never easy. Qualifications. It can be especially difficult to understand.

How To Give Your Kids The Best Education In The USA: Our Personal Experience

Our daughter was the last year to Harvard-Westlake, the #1 high school in California. It was also ranked the #2 in the United States for 2019. It was a long and difficult journey. As first-time parents, ...

Forumnaily website reaches record 4.1

In October, the website views over million views, which is a new record for us. 4.1 users of the month of October. The data once again confirm that ForumDaily is a ...

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