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Gwyneth Paltrow went skiing unsuccessfully: now they demand $ 300 from her

American actress Gwyneth Paltrow hit all the headlines. She appeared before a court in Utah, which is closely followed by the world media, and the situation is already beginning to grow into scandals. The edition told in more detail with the BBC.

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It all started with an accident at a ski resort that happened back in 2016. The actress collided with a man on the ski slope, as a result of which he received a concussion and fractured ribs.

Terry Sanderson, 76, a retired optometrist, has filed a lawsuit against the Hollywood star and seeks $300 in compensation. He previously asked for $3,1 million, but changed his mind.

Paltrow has denied responsibility for the incident and filed a counterclaim. She's asking for $1 in non-pecuniary damages plus legal fees.

What happened

Sanderson's lawyer said the actress's "reckless" actions resulted in a collision on a mountainside.

The incident took place in February 2016 on the beginner slope at Deer Valley Resort. Paltrow went skiing with her family.

As the lawyer of the victim Lawrence Bueller said, the actress did everything very carelessly.

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“She knew that it was reckless to skate blindly looking around. She knew that by continuing to ride in this way ... she would crash into someone, ”he stated.

As Bueller told the court, after the collision, Paltrow, leaving the man lying unconscious, fled. She did not call for help, did not check if everything was fine with him.

The victim's daughter, Polly Sanderson-Gresham, testified in court that her father changed after the incident.

He was "outgoing and energetic" before the accident, but now he is "agitated and easily upset."

The daughter said that one day her father was sitting at the window, and “saliva almost dripped from his mouth.”

However, during cross-examination, the woman admitted that her father was "often upset" before the incident on the track.

She explained that her father became "obsessed" with the court and wanted an apology.

The lawsuit alleges that Sanderson passed out for several minutes after the incident, suffered a concussion and suffered four broken ribs.

The doctor who testified said that the plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury that "completely changed his life."

Neuropsychologist Alina Fong stated that Sanderson had "suffered from the effects of a concussion for a year and a half" when she met him in May 2017.

Sanderson reported symptoms such as mood and personality changes, as well as headaches, she said.

When asked if there were any indications that he was faking his symptoms, Dr. Fong replied, "No."

Paltrow version

Of course, Gwyneth Paltrow's lawyer, Steve Owens, dismisses Sanderson's accusations and calls them "nonsense."

Owens told jurors that his client had just begun to descend the slope when the man suddenly slammed into her back.

But the victim's lawyers say otherwise: Paltrow was behind and crashed into Sanderson, as evidenced by his injuries.

According to Owens, his client suspected she had been attacked and was so overwhelmed by the incident that she decided not to ski for the rest of the day.

One of the witnesses in the case was Sanderson's friend, Craig Ramon, who was the first to see the collision. Craig testified in court that he heard a scream and saw Paltrow crash into Sanderson.

However, during cross-examination, Paltrow's lawyers noticed that Ramon was colorblind, so he could not tell by the clothes which of the skiers caused the accident.

Paltrow's lawyers also said GoPro footage and a social media post confirming her version of events was "gone."

Glasses and treats

The trial of the 50-year-old Oscar-winning actress attracted a lot of press attention and is overgrown with scandalous details.

At one of the meetings, Paltrow appeared in large aviator glasses. After that, she was attacked on social networks due to the fact that famous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer had similar glasses.

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On the eve of the testimony on the third day, the actress's lawyers tried to bring a treat to the courtroom to treat the bailiffs. As Paltrow's lawyer explained, "My client's private security wanted to bring a treat for the bailiffs for being helpful."

The unusual proposal caused an objection in the hall, and the judge was forced to ban the treat: "Thank you, but no."

The actress was also accused of promoting unscientific recipes, such as expelling worms with milk or preventing cancer by ditching push-up bras, for her healthy lifestyle brand Goop.

Such advice allowed Paltrow to build a wellness empire and attract $20 million in investments.

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