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Ten of Aldi's own products that are better than established brands

Aldi is a German grocery store offering inexpensive groceries and household items. Aldi is known for offering private labels instead of more popular brands, even having its own. And while Aldi has a few big names, there are also a few hidden gems that can replace these items for a lot less. Edition GOBankingRates collected the top 10 products in Aldi that are better than famous brands.

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canned broth

Aldi offers a cheap (and delicious) broth option: Chef's Cupboard signature broth and a Fit & Active (low sodium) version. Jars can be purchased for less than $1, which is much cheaper than other brands. And full-size tetra packs of broth cost less than $2.

There are several meat broths as well as veggie broth, and Aldi even offers organic brands (SimplyNature). All in all, Aldi canned broth is a bargain.


Yoghurt and other dairy products are on the rise, but Aldi is keeping prices low on its Friendly Farms Moo Tubes. This yogurt is similar to other popular brands of yogurt tubes, but costs less than $2 for an eight-pack.

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Several flavors are available, including raspberry, strawberry, cotton candy, melon, and green apple. In addition, Friendly Farms offers several other yogurt products, including Greek yogurt and even kefir. If you're a fan of yogurt, Aldi has some of their best deals.

Cheese sticks

Aldi has a surprisingly good selection of cheeses, with many different types of soft cheeses, as well as the ever-popular chopsticks. Aldi offers both standard and organic cheeses, with standard packs priced around $3 and organic packs $4.

Happy Farms is famous for its mozzarella, colby and monterey jack sticks. Simply Nature is an organic cheese option where you will only find mozzarella.

Organic fruit snacks

Aldi has several types of fruit snacks, but the store also offers organic fruit snacks under its Simply Nature brand. Fruit Snacks are made from real fruit juice, low fat and certified by the USDA.

And while you can get Aldi's signature fruit snacks, their Lunch Buddies brand will give you similar quality for almost $2 less per box. Overall, Aldi fruit snacks offer both a standard and a healthier alternative to the big brands.


Aldi has a decent selection of cereals with its own take on popular cereal types like Cheerios, Fruit Loops and Raisin Bran. The Millville brand offers familiar cereals at a price several times cheaper than well-known brands.

And for health-conscious shoppers, the Fit & Active brand also provides several options, including a bran-based cereal with nuts and berries. All in all, cereal is a great alternative at almost half the price of established brands.

Barissimo coffee

Aldi brand coffee (under the Barissimo brand) offers a large selection of different styles of coffee, including Keurig coffee cups, ground coffee options, and organic ground coffee. There are also several ready-to-drink iced coffee options to take with you.

It is possible to save money by stocking up on large cans of coffee at Aldi or opting for an instant coffee brand (Beaumont). 12-ounce (340g) coffee bags cost nearly $5, almost half the price of more popular brands.

LiveGfree (Gluten Free)

If you are allergic or sensitive to gluten, Aldi liveGfree offers over a dozen gluten-free options. In addition, there is a wide selection of frozen foods, snacks, breads and more to enjoy good food while living a gluten-free lifestyle.

LiveGfree has a mix for cakes and pancakes, among other things, so you can enjoy sweets too. The selection is somewhat limited, but the prices are lower than other popular gluten-free brands, so the compromise may be worth it.

Wine Winking Owl

Aldi's wine brand is called Winking Owl and offers a decent selection of red and white wines, as well as a rosé option (Zinfandel). Although the drink doesn't win any competitions, less than $4 a bottle and you can enjoy a decent glass in the evening.

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Aldi offers many other wines from lesser known wineries such as Evanta Malbec and Sunshine Bay Sauvignon Blanc. If you're in the mood for wine and don't want to spend more than $10, Aldi has you covered.


You can stock up on spices for cheap at Aldi's own Stone Mill brand. Since most cost just over $1 a jar, it's possible to fill your pantry with staples like ground cinnamon, garlic powder, salt, pepper, onion powder, and paprika.

Among other things, there is a decent selection of organic spices under the Simply Nature brand. But be aware that the selection is limited and you may need to travel elsewhere to complete your spice collection. Take the basics at Aldi to save a few bucks.


Aldi features basic sauces such as mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise. Burman's offers an inexpensive alternative to other established brands (nearly 30% less) and there are organic options under the Simply Nature brand.

Other than that there is a decent selection of other items such as pickles, spreads, peanut butter and jelly, and dressings. So saving money and stocking up for a barbecue at Aldi is really possible.

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