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Former member of the USSR Olympic team is coaching US swimmers in New York

Photo courtesy of Konstantin Petrov

Professional swimmer Konstantin Petrov moved back to the United States from Kazakhstan 18 years ago. He is a recognized coach of his own right.

From Big Apple to Big Apple

Konstantin loved swimming since his childhood. He said that he would love to see the swimming pool. This was how Konstantin met his coach. It was a moment when his life was in the morning.

Konstantin used to live in Alma-Ata. As a member of the USSR team, he did not participate in international competitions. In 1984, he scored the fourth race in the United States of America. In 1998 in Seoul, he won a medallion of the USSR team. He took part in the European Championships in 4 in Rome and in Strasbourg. In Strasbourg, he won a gold medal in 100 × 1983 medley relay. Aged 1987, Konstantin set a record in Masters World Record 50 Fly, which wasn't cracked until late 2001.

“I’ve been to the Olympic team, I’ve had to score a score of Definitely, it was a difficult task. It took me years of persistent training to achieve this result. When I learned I would participate in the Olympics, I whooped with joy. It was the moment when I realized that it was a success. In 1988, I traveled to the Olympics for the first time. I was 24, ”Petrov says.

“Of course, I was filled with I was excited with sport parades - it's an amazing event! Meeting global sport starts. And the competitions were just stunning! When you swim at one point of time. It’s always up to you to be able to reach your goal line. ”

He was thinking about what he thought. He participated in the Green Card lottery three years in a row, and then he lucked out. So in 1999 Konstantin and his family moved to the United States. It was not a problem.

He worked in Petrol, Petrov. But then, despite his English being far from perfect Asphalt green in Manhattan.

He was a student. It was a mimics, gestures, and professional slang with some key words.

Konstantin coached many young athletes. Photo courtesy of Konstantin Petrov.

Finding new stars

Thousands of kids of different nationalities. He coached high profile athletes who participated in national championships of America Olympic Trials, and the Olympics. Many of them were enrolled in prestigious colleges thanks to their sports achievements.

One of the most prominent students of the Constantin is the Lion Neal, a prize-winning participant of the 2012 and the 2016 Olympics and World Championships. She is a member of the US team for many competitions. Konstantin trained for the Olympics. Thanks to her determination, persistence, and aspiration to win.

“When I’m compelling at the competition competitions, I’m important to start. We call and text each other. I try to motivate them for victory. I am an athlete. It’s always remind you of how to become an Olympic champion, ”Konstantin says.

He adds that he wants to get one. For health care, you can’t keep up with your health care.

New country - new career

Konstantin is safe to say that his coaching career has been a success. Manhattan Sports Center Match Point multi-sport facility in New York.

“It’s a vast number of programs. I am happy that through my job, I can help children and adults with being healthier and better-looking. It is a dream to make it a lot more fun. ”Konstantin says.

Petrov tutors several programs: Learn to Swim Program, Mommys and Me, Private lessons, and Swim team.

“My program in Match Point consists of several steps for children, from simple to complicated. During classes, we're getting from quantity to quality. 3-5 years. Get trained to water and play while being trained systemically. Then follow the 6 to 14. They are divided by different levels. For kids who need professional coaches.

“After the end of the season, we’ve gotten a three-level swimming team. The team is emerging athletes. “The Olympic Champions,” the coach says.

Konstantin, 53, cares about your own shape as well. He swims three times a week and sometimes participates in Masters level competitions (for sports veterans) within national and global championships.


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