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FDA asks Americans not to drink 'salubrious solution' sold on the Internet: it is dangerous to health

Under the guise of a cure for HIV and cancer, chemicals are distributed on the Internet that, when combined, form essentially bleach, warns the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Office 12 August issued official warning about the dangers of such solutions, writes with the BBC.

The statement was a reaction to the popularity of the composition distributed on the Internet under the brand names “Miracle Mineral Solution” and “Miracle Mineral Additive”, or under the abbreviation MMS (Master Mineral Solution).

The solution consists of 28% sodium chloride salt and distilled water. Consumers are encouraged to mix this liquid with citric acid (for example, lemon or lime juice) before use; Often acid is sold in the kit as an “activator." Reacting with acid, the salt turns into chlorine dioxide - a powerful whitening agent.

On the Internet, this solution is advertised as a cure for many diseases - from colds to HIV and cancer. It is also claimed that solutions help in the "cure" of autism. The average price is around 30 dollars.

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When ingested, the bleach causes nausea, diarrhea, and severe dehydration, and with regular use it can lead to liver failure, US officials warn.

For the first time, the US Department of Health warned of the risks of using the Miracle Composition in 2010.

"Church of Health"

Nevertheless, reports that people drink bleach to recover from illnesses continue to appear in the media. In January of this year, NBC News wrote about groups on Facebook that bring together parents who practice "treating" their children with a solution. In such groups can consist of several hundred to several thousand people.

Many of these parents are united by the fact that their children are autistic. According to MMS beliefs, these funds can “cure” autism. Chlorine dioxide is given to children to drink, administered with an enema, or dissolved in the bathroom. This practice is also found in Britain and other countries (the FDA warning does not specifically mention other uses of bleach other than by mouth).

The leader of the sect of healers, the "reverend" Leon Edwards was found to be associated with the "Church of Health and Healing of the Second Exodus", registered in the USA.

This fairly large sect operates in several countries of North and South America, Europe and Asia. The “Church” publishes videos, brochures and even books about the benefits of “miraculous mineral solutions”.

The founder of the sect is former Scientologist Jim Humble. He claims to have discovered the miraculous properties of sodium chloride in 1996 when he worked in Africa. There, he allegedly learned that they could cure malaria, but the Red Cross, with which he worked, preferred to keep secret information about such a cheap and effective remedy.

According to the sect, the solution helps not only from malaria and autism, but also from HIV, acne, cancer and other diseases.

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The sect combines calls to drink this liquid with quasi-religious rhetoric in the spirit of new age. One of her commandments is to do good. Another is to tell people about the miraculous effect of solutions. Joining a sect in the USA costs 35 dollars. Church accounts on Facebook and YouTube are now blocked.

Tide pod challenge

This is not the first time that the US government has warned Americans that it is dangerous to use household chemicals inside. In 2017, the so-called Tide Pod Challenge gained popularity on the Internet, during which users ate capsules for washing clothes (mainly Tide brands).

Social media users advised each other to try multi-colored candy-like capsules, and some really followed these tips.

Analysts tried to explain why this is happening. One of the main reasons, Forbes wrote, was that the capsules really looked like sweets, "and tasted good."

The detergent manufacturer, Procter & Gamble, and the government’s Consumer Product Safety Commission had to clarify that eating capsules is dangerous. The same video statement was made by YouTube video hosting, on which the participants of the challenge posted videos with eating capsules.

In the U.S. treatment danger

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