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The Jew who will save the world: what is known about the head of the company that created the vaccine against COVID-19

A few days ago, only pharmacologists and scientists knew this name. Today it is on everyone's lips. Dr. Albert Burla, CEO of Pfizer, could be the one to save the world from the pandemic and its economic fallout. The edition told about it in more detail "Vesti".

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Today Albert Burla is the most sought-after person in the world. He gets calls from heads of state, kings and presidents. And all because it has the highest value in the world: a coronavirus vaccine with a 90% effectiveness. According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also called him, "Dr. Burla is very proud to be a Greek Jew from Thessaloniki."

Dr. Burla has been with Pfizer for over 25 years. The news of a successful coronavirus vaccine trial has given the world hope that the pandemic will be over. Dr. Burla is the chairman of the board and CEO of the company. Pfizer shares skyrocketed on the stock exchange following the announcement of the results of a miracle vaccine trial. This is not the first time the company has been successful worldwide. For the first time, the appearance of the drug “Viagra”, developed here, caused the same stir. The COVID-19 vaccine is expected to make the same revolution in medicine and in people's private lives.

Burla, 59, took over as CEO in early 2019. Born in Thessaloniki, he moved from Greece to the United States at 34 and began a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Now he has to constantly move for work between 4 countries. Burla's ancestors moved to Greece from Spain 600 years ago, his parents are the few Jews who survived the Second World War: the Nazis destroyed most of the community in Thessaloniki.

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Burla holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine, a doctoral dissertation in reproductive biotechnology, he defended at the University. Aristotle in Thessaloniki. In 2019, the American magazine Institutional Investor placed him in first place in the ranking of CEOs of US pharmaceutical companies. He is a member of a committee on behalf of New York, serves on the board of directors for the company and the Pfizer Foundation, and serves on the US International Business Council.

Burla has had an illustrious career at the company, holding senior positions in the global markets. Prior to assuming the position of CEO, he served as the company's chief executive officer. Responsible for overseeing Pfizer's commercial strategy, drug manufacturing and development.

Prior to that, Dr. Burla headed the company's innovation division, focusing on immunology and inflammation, therapy, oncology, rare diseases and vaccines. He created a team to improve the effectiveness of treatments and prove the effectiveness of the company's products, as well as modernize its business model.

Pfizer reported that her vaccine is 90% effective, this caused a sharp rise in the share price. Following this announcement, Burla sold 62% of his shares and officially became a millionaire, according to a report by the US Securities Administration. He sold 132 shares for $ 508 and earned $ 41,94 million from this. The sale was carried out in accordance with the instructions, allowing Pfizer employees to sell their assets. After the sale, Burla remained the owner of 82 shares for a total of $ 000 million.

About the vaccine

Pfizer vaccine must be transported and stored at -70 ° C... This poses a serious problem for many countries around the world.

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How the vaccine works

The drug is still technically called BNT162b2. It is based on advanced technology that produces a large number of doses in a short time. The basis of the vaccine is messenger RNA (mRNA, mRNA). The vaccine causes the cells to change so that the immune system reacts as if the real SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus had entered the body. It produces antibodies and T-leukocytes, which are necessary to prevent infection with the virus and to neutralize it.

Are these vaccines safe?

Research has shown that mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are safe and do not cause disease or severe side effects.

Is the vaccine suitable for vaccination of all people?

Volunteers aged 18-65, healthy and free of underlying medical conditions, participated in testing the Pfizer vaccine. Tests on children aged 12 and older will begin soon.

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How the Pfizer vaccine is vaccinated

This vaccine, like the drug from Moderna, is given in 2 doses every 28 days, which leads to a sharp jump in the number of antibodies to coronavirus and T-lymphocytes. The vaccine is given in the arm like many other vaccines.

What are the side effects of vaccination

The known side effects are mild and transient: local fever, swelling and redness in the area of ​​drug administration, and fever that disappears after a few hours.

Who will get the Pfizer vaccine first?

According to estimates, the first in line are residents of the United States and Germany, as well as countries that have signed contracts for the supply of vaccines with the company.

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