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Ivanov and Ivanova: how the same Russian surnames in the USA become 'different' and what problems this creates

В Facebook group "Looking for advice", created by ForumDaily, one of the readers asked what to do if the wife in the United States refused to write in her husband's health insurance because of the different endings of the names. Here's what the subscribers replied.

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The reader Olga asked what to do if the wife was removed from her husband's health insurance on the basis of “different” surnames. For example, the surname of the husband is Ivanov, and the surname of the wife is Ivanova (we have changed the surnames indicated by the author).

From an American point of view, these names are different. The woman is interested in: how to prove that the wife's surname is written according to the rules of the Russian language, if the marriage certificate did not become an argument. The wife received a visa and entered the United States as a spouse - the marriage was concluded many years ago. And earlier in America there were no problems with surnames.

Here's what ForumDaily readers answered.


  • “In our time, many do not take their husband's surname, especially in the United States. I also met this, unfortunately. They must accept a marriage certificate, not even translated. Make a copy, fax them or whatever they receive. In general, it will be necessary to draw out one or the other manager for a conversation, if they do not have this item registered. "


  • "It's some kind of mistake. The wife does not have to have the same surname as the husband. A marriage certificate is also quite a document. Perhaps she was removed from the policy for another reason. "

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  • “You just ran into a not-so-educated clerk. Demand communication with managers and stand your ground. Under pressure, you will be allowed to talk to a normal specialist and everything will be changed in a couple of mouse clicks ”.


  • “I have two children and we are all with different surnames - I have provided a birth certificate and they are on my health insurance. Many of my employees have different surnames for husband and wife - they provide a marriage document. "


  • “Call the insurance company. The husband can also contact the HR department, if there is such a department, at his place of work. "


  • “My husband and I have the same surnames, my husband adopted my child, we did not change her surname - she was perfectly on her husband's insurance when she reached the age when she already needed a separate one. Either the clerk is incompetent, or some other reason. "

Daisy flower:

  • “My husband and I have completely different surnames, something is wrong here, call your Health Benefit center and ask the reason why the insurance card does not work, what's the matter ?! If you bought insurance through your husband's company as one of the benefits of his work, call the Benefit Center, if you bought directly from Insurance Career like Cigna / Aetna / BCBC, then call them directly and ask your questions. "


  • “Contact the HR department at your husband’s work and they will fix it. Insurance is not cleaned or changed by itself, all data comes from your work. Many people are generally under different surnames and are not married, but on the same insurance. If you are on this insurance and suddenly there is such a misunderstanding, they will pay retrograde. Do not worry."


  • “The fact that my wife was removed from medical insurance is wrong and illegal. You should have been asked: a marriage certificate and proof of cohabitation: a tax return, a copy of the rental agreement or a copy of the mortgage (financial information must be deleted / whitewashed). Contact HR. If all of these documents are filed, you need to write or call an office in your state. You can find a phone here (select your state) "

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  • “My wife was recently removed from insurance, citing the fact that she had another insurance (which she never had). Call the insurance company and ask a specific question (the husband should call), what is the problem? You explain everything, and if someone does not understand something there, call the supervisor. I am 100000% sure that the question is not in your name. "


  • “Write sworn Affidavit. Explain what's what. Check with a notary. Send it to the insurance company. "

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