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What to do if you lose or damage your COVID-19 vaccination card

Over a year ago, when COVID-19 vaccines became available, some people started showing off the COVID-19 vaccination white card. But, as the pandemic spreads, some people have simply lost sight of those awkward huge white cards. What to do if you lost it, and you need it, the publication said The New York Times.

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If the vaccination card is lost

The main thing is not to be nervous. Many health departments can provide you with vaccination information because all records are stored in the system and are not lost.

But if you're hoping to use this card to verify your vaccination status at work or, say, to travel to one of the countries with a more digital record-keeping approach, losing it can make life difficult for you.

Vaccination records can be on your phone

It is much easier for those who are lucky enough to live in one of the states where people can access vaccination records from their smartphones. These states include Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, and Washington.

Other states such as Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin have websites where you can request vaccination information (usually in PDF format or via email).

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Things get a little more complicated if you're in one of the states that unfortunately haven't gone digital.

Can your doctor give you another vaccination card?

Not always. The doctor has additional white cards issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but must have records of when and where you received your shots and boosters.

And most states require health care providers who administer vaccinations to record this information with state health officials. That is, health officials should also have this information.

But no, the CDC will not issue you another certificate.

It's not really the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that gave you this card with their logo on it. The agency provides them to state health departments, which in turn pass them on to local vaccine suppliers. These local vendors give them to people when they are vaccinated.

Can CVS, Walmart or Walgreens replace the vaccination card

For clients CVS The vaccination record is available to patients through the CVS Pharmacy app or the company's website. The pharmacy staff can print a paper version of the vaccination card for you.

Walgreens: The company maintains a record of all vaccinations given by its pharmacies, a spokesman said. If patients lose their physical card, they are advised to contact the pharmacy for a new one.

Walmart: If you were vaccinated at the store or at one of its sponsored events, Walmart may verify your information and connect to your state's immunization registry. Once this is completed, Walmart will reissue the vaccination card. The company can provide this information digitally or via a QR code.

It is very difficult

Of course, in some places it is easier than in others. Vaccination cards are too bulky to fit in a wallet, making them inconvenient. This is one of the reasons why many states have opted for a digital approach.

For example, in New York City, the city's Department of Health website is available to obtain vaccination records.

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Get records from city site My Vaccine Record can be done fairly quickly. To do this, you need to enter some biographical information, and in a few seconds you will receive your vaccination history.

Some apps work primarily as digital wallets or a place to store information on your phone until you need to show it to someone. Others have additional features, such as the ability to schedule tests for COVID-19 and receive alerts for potential contact with a sick person nearby.

The New York State Excelsior Pass Plus app is capable of displaying test results and immunization records. Free app can be downloaded here.

Outside the United States, many countries are taking a more rational approach. In the UK, the National Health Service provides a QR code for fully vaccinated residents. Similarly, members of the European Union issue a digital certificate showing that a person is either vaccinated, tests negative, or has recovered from COVID-19.

Once you receive your notes, save them.

Many places that require proof of vaccination will accept a photo of your COVID-19 vaccination card. So take a picture of it as soon as you receive it. Just don't post pictures on social media. If you received a QR code with your vaccination records, you can save it to digital wallet on your iPhone - so losing the certificate is more difficult.

There are also applications from Clear, common pass, docket и IBMthat are able to track your vaccination history.

Please do not buy, borrow or create your own vaccination card. As with driver's licenses and passports, there are heavy penalties for misrepresenting vaccinations.

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