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Egg prices are rising at an unprecedented pace: in which stores you can still find them cheaper

Egg prices have risen sharply in the last 2 months. But there are still places where you can buy them cheaper than in other stores. Where are the cheapest eggs, said the publication Passionate Penny Pincher.

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If you've been to the store recently to buy a package of eggs, you've probably been shocked by the cost. The price of eggs has skyrocketed over the past couple of months to levels never before seen for 11 weeks in a row.

Why are eggs so expensive now?

In November, the cost of eggs increased by 49%. And now we're seeing prices double since Thanksgiving to an average of $5 a dozen (12 pieces). For comparison: in 2018, a pack of eggs at Aldi cost 55 cents, and now it costs $4,99.

The skyrocketing cost of eggs is mainly due to the outbreak of bird flu, which began in February 2022 and steadily affected prices throughout the year. Millions of poultry have died from this disease. Other factors such as higher feed and energy costs for farmers and producers also played a role as inflation affected the situation across the board.

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Where to buy the cheapest eggs

Alabama was taken as an example. And while prices will vary by state, this is a good indication of which stores to go to for the best deals overall. Keep in mind that sales and even a matter of days can make a difference.

Sam's club

  • 2 dozen (24) large eggs - $5,98, works out to only $2,99 ​​for 12 eggs.

And this is not surprising. Sam's Club has always been the place to go for cheap eggs, but $2,99 ​​is top of the line compared to some.

  • 18 large eggs will set you back $6,48.


If you like buying eggs in bulk, Costco is the place to be.

  • 5 dozen (60 pieces) eggs - $15,99, only $3,20 per dozen
  • 2 dozen eggs - $6,49, only $3,25 per dozen.

Trader Joe's

  • 1 dozen XL brown eggs - $3,69
  • 1 dozen large eggs - $4,29


  • 1 dozen large eggs - $4,39


  • 1 dozen large eggs - $4,69
  • Large eggs (18 pieces) - $6,89

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  • 1 dozen large eggs (brown) - $4,93
  • 1 dozen large eggs (Great Value Brand) - $5,48
  • 1 dozen large eggs (Egglands Best Brand) - $7,17
  • 5 dozen large eggs - $23,92 ($4,78 per dozen)


  • 1 dozen large eggs (Golden) - $4,99


  • 1 dozen large eggs - $5,39

And this is not surprising, since Publix is ​​usually more expensive than other stores.

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