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Bruce Willis, Jeremy Renner and Michael J. Fox: how stars cope with serious illnesses

Recently, information about Bruce Willis has certainly appeared in the top of the most relevant news - about how a Hollywood star of the first magnitude is struggling with a serious illness. Terrible diseases do not choose their victims - everyone, regardless of status, financial situation and age, can suffer from their diagnosis and struggle with difficult circumstances. Even the stars.

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The diseases of the stars are widely discussed by the public, the spotlights of the stage are being replaced by operating room lamps, and the adoration of the public is being replaced by the care of relatives and doctors.

How the stars cope with their new position, and who helps them in this.

Bruce Willis

As it turned out, the actor was diagnosed with a disease for which there is no treatment - frontotemporal dementia. Earlier it was reported that the actor had aphasia.

News about Bruce Willis's illness began to appear about a year ago, but his colleagues in the workshop noted changes in the actor's behavior and his memory problems even earlier.

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Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have long been considered the friendliest exes in Hollywood. The couple, who have been married for 11 years, have children together: Rumer, 34, Scout, 31, and Tallulah, 28. Bruce and Demi became even closer after the actor was diagnosed.

A progressive disorder affects the ability to speak and understand language. Demi, along with her children and Emma Heming, Bruce's wife, with whom he lived for 13 years, revealed that the Die Hard actor suffers from this disease.

"Demi was in constant contact with Bruce and Emma," the source said. She uses every opportunity to spend time with him. If she's not around, she calls on the phone so Bruce can hear her voice."

Relatives do not give up. And recently they gave Bruce a nice party on the occasion of his birthday - on March 19, the actor turned 68 years old.

The whole family rallied around the star. "They know he won't be around forever," the insider said. “So they cherish every moment.”

Demi and Bruce's families - he also has two daughters with Emma: Mabel, 10, and Evelyn, 8 - often vacation together in Idaho.

“It has always been a special time,” the source explained. “They are very fond of family traditions, such as their pajama parties and game nights.”

Demi and Emma have only grown closer as they both struggle to cope with Bruce's illness. His wife became an intermediary between the former spouses.

"Bruce doesn't have much to say and doesn't seem to understand a lot of what others are saying," the insider continued. “So Emma was really his voice and communicator.”

"There are days when they get glimpses of the old Bruce, but those glimpses are short and rare," the source said. “He seems to be slipping away from them more and more, and it breaks their hearts.”

The Willis family wants the public to be more aware of the condition. Relatives think that Bruce would also like it.

“Unfortunately, communication problems are just one of the symptoms of the disease that Bruce is facing. While it's painful, it's a relief to get a clear diagnosis," the Willis family said in a statement.

FTD is a brutal disease that many of us have never heard of and that can affect anyone. In people younger than 60, FTD is the most common form of dementia, and since it can take years to diagnose, FTD is likely much more common than we know.

“Today there is no cure for this disease, and we hope that this will change in the coming years. As Bruce's condition progresses, we hope that media attention will be focused on shedding light on this disease, which requires much more awareness and research," the statement said.

Willis, who has appeared in more than 70 films since he began his career in the 1970s, retired from acting in 2022 as he began battling an illness that was deteriorating his cognitive abilities. In the past few years, his management has ensured that Willis's film shoot lasts no more than two days, of which he often only worked four hours due to failing health.

Willis' acting career began with small roles on television shows like Miami Vice and The Twilight Zone in the early 1980s.

He began to gain attention for his starring role opposite Cybill Shepherd on the ABC series Moonlight, which ran from 1985 to 1989. But his real breakout role was portraying John McClain in the hit film Die Hard, which premiered in 1988 and spawned six sequels.

“In my opinion, this was his first big film and he wanted to do it right. He wanted it to work out,” co-star Reginald Weljohnson told People magazine in 2018 at the film’s 30th anniversary screening. “He was more interested in how to play the part than anything else.”

“It was his first film and he became the star of a huge blockbuster. It was very well publicized that he was making $5 million. By the standards of the time, that was unbelievable,” said Bonnie Bedelia, who played his wife Holly Gennaro McClain in the film.

In addition, Willis starred in films such as Pulp Fiction, 12 Monkeys and the superhero film Unbreakable, the role from which he reprized more than a decade later in 2016's Split and 2019's Glass.

Jeremy Renner

The future of Jeremy Renner's Hollywood career is in doubt as it has been revealed that acting is "no longer a priority for him" after a horrific snowplow accident. Dailymail. As a result of the accident, he broke more than 30 bones.

An insider who recently spent time with Jeremy, 52, revealed that "while he still loves acting, Hollywood is no longer a priority for him."

According to the source, Jeremy's focus has shifted away from his on-screen career. After a horrific accident on New Year's Day at his home on Lake Tahoe, where he was hit by a seven-ton snowplow, breaking more than 30 bones, the actor has other plans.

"Jeremy believes he survived the crash to really change the world," the insider shared.

“He is very proud of the work he has done, but this whole situation has really shown him that he can do much more to help others,” says the insider.

Jeremy has since left the Lake Tahoe home where the accident occurred and has returned to his Los Angeles property where he has been focusing on his recovery as he is unable to walk due to injuries sustained during the incident.

The source continued that Jeremy's mother, Valerie, 69, who accompanied him to the 2010 Oscars, was a "huge" source of support for the star, she "was there for him as much as possible."

“His mother comes to visit him for the weekend, as well as his daughter Ava,” says the source.

“In fact, he is only focused on his recovery and is in rehab to learn how to walk again. Jeremy knows he's so lucky to be alive. Every day is a little better than before and he is definitely making progress, but progress is slow,” the source said.

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On New Year's Day, Jeremy was hit by a seven-ton Sno-Cat snowplow while helping his nephew clear snow from his driveway near Reno, Nevada.

His snowplow began to drift down the slippery road. This prompted the actor to jump out of the cab.

After he jumped out of the car, Renner realized that the snowplow could potentially hit his nephew, who was with him at the time of the incident. So the Mission: Impossible star tried to climb back into the snowplow's driver's seat to change its path, but during the attempt he was pulled under the left side track and the vehicle ran over him.

“Morning workouts, decisions, everything has changed this new year,” Renner said. “I want to thank everyone for the messages and care for my family and me. With love and gratitude to all of you."

“These 30+ broken bones will mend, become stronger, just as the love and connection with family and friends will deepen,” Renner said. “Love and blessings to all of you.” On January 17, Renner left the hospital and returned home. He announced the news himself and told fans on social media that he was "very excited" to watch the season premiere of his Paramount+ series The Mayor of Kingstown at home.

Responding to a tweet from the official Mayor of Kingstown account announcing that the season XNUMX premiere is now available to stream, Renner wrote: "In addition to my brain fog during recovery, I was very excited to watch the show with my family at home."

Michael J. Fox

Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox, after screening his documentary Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie at the South by Southwest (SXSW) film festival, revealed what life has been like since he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991 year, reports People.

"I had no choice. That's all. I have to give everything I have, and these are not empty words. I'm doing my best," the actor said of his help for people with Parkinson's.

Fox is looking for a cure for the disease. This led him to create The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, and on March 5, 2010, the Swedish Karolinska Institute awarded Fox an honoris causa for his contribution to disease research.

“Pity is a harmless form of abuse. I can feel sorry for myself, but I don't have time for that. There is a lot to learn from this, so let's do it and move on,” he said.

"It's been seven or eight years since I was diagnosed and the paparazzi were standing outside my apartment and screaming, like, 'What's wrong with you?' Fox recalled. “I said, ‘I can’t force my neighbors to listen to this,’ so I announced my diagnosis. That was great".

“It was a big surprise for me that people reacted the way they did,” he added. – They reacted with interest, in the desire to find an answer, to learn about the disease. And then I saw this as a great opportunity. I didn't want to miss her."

Answering questions about the film with director Davis Guggenheim, Fox said the goal of sharing his story is to thank his fans.

“My fans basically gave me life,” he explained. “I wanted to give these people who have done so much for me my time and gratitude.”

Speaking directly to the Guggenheim, he added: "Parkinson's sucks, but it's a wonderful life, so thank you for that."

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The film incorporates documentary, archival and screenplay elements, telling Fox's extraordinary story in his own words. The film gives an account of Fox's social life, full of nostalgic thrills and cinematic polish, along with his never-before-seen personal journey, including the years that followed his diagnosis. Fox said the film is much more than just details about his health.

"David said, 'I want to cover Parkinson's, but I don't want to make a film about Parkinson's'. He made a film about life,” Fox explained. "He made a conscious decision not to make a film about Parkinson's disease."

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