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Emotional support plant: US hotel chain gives out potted flowers to cheer guests up

If you're missing your houseplants when you're on the road, the latest amenities Hotels Kimpton will help you. The Plant Pals program will go live in April for Earth Day and will allow guests to rent plants for their rooms. Read more about the innovation told the publication Time-out.

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The international hotel brand has created a first-of-its-kind innovation in the hospitality industry. The company aims to offer a fun atmosphere and even help travelers potentially increase productivity with in-room potted plants, of course, upon request.

Before or after check-in, guests can choose the appropriate flower from each property's local plant menu, unique to each site. Plants have very punning names such as Morgan Treeman, Snake Gyllenhaal and Nagini (Snake Plant). Guests can call the front desk and ask for a free plant in their room along with care tips to brighten up their stay there.

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To oversee plant selection, Kimpton partnered with Brooklyn-based Plant Queen. This strange and non-binary influencer helped select sustainable native plants for each site. Based on Queen's experience and recommendations, each Kimpton hotel partnered with a local supplier to source the right plants.

At the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City, Utah, check out Midwest-sourced Maidenhair Fern from Cactus & Tropicals.

Guests of the Kimpton Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara and Kimpton Alton Hotel in San Francisco can receive White Sage and Prickly Pear Cactus from Idyll Mercantile in Santa Barbara and Blk Girls Green House.

On the east coast, travelers will find Ostrich Ferns and New York Ferns from Rewild DC in Washington DC and Ill Exotics in Philadelphia at the Kimpton Monaco Washington DC and Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia.

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Overseas, foreign travelers can enjoy English Ivy and Baby's Tears at European venues such as the Kimpton Vividora Hotel in Barcelona, ​​or Pothos, Ficus Audrey and Chinese Evergreens in Asia at sites such as Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo.

After all, what better way to explore the region you are in than to immerse yourself in the local fauna during your stay!

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