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23 million immigrants eligible to vote in the 2020 election: who are they

About one in ten people eligible to vote in the US presidential election this year is an immigrant. And the majority (61%) of these 23 million naturalized citizens live in only five states. Writes about this Pew Research.

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California has more eligible immigrants (5,5 million) than any other state, more than New York (2,5 million) and Florida (2,5 million) combined. Texas and New Jersey complement the top five with 1,8 million and 1,2 million.

1. Asians make up 43% of immigrants eligible to vote in California, the highest rate among all racial or ethnic groups. At the national level, Hispanics have a higher share of eligible immigrants than Asians (34% versus 31%).

Voters in California come from many countries. But three countries of origin account for 46% of the total: Mexico (1,5 million), the Philippines (604 thousand) and Vietnam (430 thousand).

The vast majority of California immigrants with voting rights (75%) have lived in the United States for more than 20 years. This proportion is the highest (82%) among Hispanic voters in California. English proficiency varies widely among state-owned immigrants. For example, 86% of eligible black immigrants in California speak English, which is significantly higher than among all eligible immigrants in the state (55%).

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2. New York different racial and ethnic diversity of their immigrant voters. Asians (26%), Hispanics (25%) and whites (25%) are voting, while black immigrants (21%) make up a slightly smaller share.

When it comes to English, black immigrants with voting rights in New York are more likely to speak English (89%) than whites (66%), Asian (52%), and Latin American (47%) voters.

In New York, no country of birth accounts for a significant proportion of state-owned immigrants; About a quarter of voters born abroad are from the three largest countries of birth. Immigrants from the Dominican Republic are the largest group with 264 thousand voters, followed by China (207 thousand) and Jamaica (143 thousand).

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3. Latin Americans make up 54% of immigrant voters in Floridawhich is much higher than the proportion of white, black and Asian immigrant voters in the state (17%, 16% and 10%, respectively).

Voting immigrants in Florida have varying levels of English proficiency. For example, about half (51%) of eligible Hispanic voters speak English, which is significantly lower than among white (82%) or black (81%) immigrant voters.

With 606 voters, Cuban immigrants are the largest group in Florida. Colombian immigrants (000) and Haitian immigrants (190) are the second and third largest group.

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4. Texas competes with Florida in its share of Latin American immigrant voters. Among the top states, roughly half (52%) of all voting immigrants in Texas are Hispanics, second only to Florida (54%). Asian immigrants are the second largest group in Texas at 29%.

About seven out of ten immigrant voters in Texas (68%) have lived in the United States for more than two decades, which is the same as all immigrant voters in the United States (68%). However, the proportion of long-term residents is noticeably lower among black immigrants in Texas (40%).

Most black and white immigrants in Texas speak English (88% and 85%, respectively). Less speakers are Asian (64%) and Hispanic (47%) immigrant voters. These indicators are consistent with data at the national level.

By country of birth, Mexican immigrants alone constitute 40% of all immigrant voters in Texas, which equals 736. The second largest group (000 voters) are immigrants from Vietnam, while Indian immigrants (130 voters) make up the third largest group in the state.

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5. New Jersey has a high proportion of Asian immigrants with higher education. About two-thirds of Asian immigrant voters in New Jersey (66%) have a bachelor's degree or higher. This is significantly higher than the same indicator among other groups of immigrant voters in the state and among immigrant voters in the United States (36%).

Of the 1,2 million New Jersey immigrant voters, 32% are Hispanics, 30% are Asians, 25% are whites, and 11% are African Americans.

The main countries of birth for immigrants eligible to vote in New Jersey are India (122 voters), Dominican Republic (000), and the Philippines (103).

The names of official candidates for the US presidency from the main parties we will learn in the summer of 2020. The National Convention of Democrats ends July 16, Republicans - August 27. The presidential elections themselves will be held on November 3.

The electoral system in the USA is very confusing. We invite you to test your knowledge in this area by going through our test.

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