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The airline offers passengers to pay $40 and fly without a neighbor

You can now pay an extra $40 to get a free seat next to you on select Qantas Airways flights. People still can't decide if it's a luxury or if the airline is making easy money off people. The edition told in more detail Business Insider.

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The Free Neighbor Seat program allows passengers to reserve a seat next to them to gain extra space or perhaps avoid an overly chatty neighbor.

48 hours prior to departure, eligible travelers will be asked via email to reserve an adjacent seat for a fee.

Prices vary depending on the flight route. An empty seat next door on a flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast will cost you a minimum of AU$30, or $20, while most eligible routes, such as Adelaide-Brisbane, will cost you AU$65, or $40.

On the subject: A well-known airline weighs all passengers before boarding the plane.

The new campaign received mixed reviews.

“I think I would pay extra dollars, a little extra space is a great idea,” said one respondent.

"I like talking to people, I think it's a bit anti-social, isn't it?" the other disagreed.

Sky News anchor James McPherson, meanwhile, thinks it's a "terrible idea".

“Qantas is only doing this to try and make money from empty seats,” McPherson said.

Qantas says these seats are subject to availability and may be canceled "for operational or safety reasons, even after boarding the aircraft."

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Although the airline's new program is currently only being offered on empty domestic flights, "there are plans to further expand the initiative to other routes in the coming months," a Qantas spokesman said.

Next year, Air New Zealand will introduce a "sleeping area" with bunk beds that passengers can rent while traveling.

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