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Six American companies that will pay you for vacation and allow you to work remotely

To help prevent burnout and retain employees, some companies are taking it a step further and offering to help offset their employees' vacation expenses. CNBC.

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In 2022, the average employee in the US spent 11 hours on vacation.

This is in a new report. Expediawhich warns that Americans are suffering from "vacation deprivation". Earlier this year, the travel planning platform surveyed 14 people in more than 527 countries, including France, Mexico and Canada. Respondents in the US took fewer vacations than in any other country.

People cited inflation, staffing shortages, and busy schedules as the main barriers to taking more free time.

Still, paid vacation is a sought-after perk among American workers, with 62% saying it's "extremely important" for them to have a job that offers vacation and days off, according to a study. Pew Research Center, which polled 5188 Americans in February.

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If you're looking for flexible hours that allow you to work remotely and travel more, these six companies are offering remote opportunities and giving employees money to help offset the cost of their travel, according to FlexJobs. These companies are also looking for new employees.

1 Airbnb

Industry: trips.

Advantage: Each year, employees receive $2 in Airbnb travel rewards, which can be used to book stays or experiences on the Airbnb platform.

2. Bamboohr

Industry: Software for personnel management.

Advantage: As part of the company's paid paid vacation policy, BambooHR offers its employees $2000 annual bonuses to cover vacation expenses such as plane tickets and hotel stays.

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Industry: meeting scheduling software.

Advantage: employees receive $1000 annual holiday bonuses that can be used to pay for hotel stays, flights, or car rentals.

4. Thirty Madison

Industry: healthcare.

Advantage: employees are eligible for annual vacation bonuses of $750 starting on their first day of work. The money can only be used after they have taken a vacation of at least five days.


Industry: technology, travel.

Advantage: Tripadvisor reimburses employees for personal travel expenses. The amount paid for qualifying services and products is based on the number of years of service.

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6. Philo

Industry: streaming, entertainment.

Advantage: The streaming platform offers its employees unlimited vacations as well as a $2000 annual vacation bonus.

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