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50% DISCOUNT: Texas Weapons Store Announces Sale Off School Year

An advertisement for an arms store near Houston, Texas, announcing sales for the start of the school year, raised concerns among people. They believe that such a marketing ploy is a bad idea, because the number of mass shootings, especially in schools, has increased in recent years. Fox News.

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Michelle Simons was traveling with her husband to Katie, Texas, when they saw a Boyert Shooting Center gun store sign that read, “From 13 to 18 on August, the sale was at the beginning of the school year.” Discounts up to 50% for firearms. "

“It was so awful, 'Did I really see it?'” Simons said.

Simons said that she thought such an advertisement was completely inappropriate, especially after the mass shootings in El Paso (Texas) and Dayton (Ohio).

Her husband, who chose not to call himself, works as a teacher, he said that in his school district active training is being conducted on actions during the shooting.

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“In the current environment and in today's culture, where school and mass shootings are constantly taking place in our country, this is a bad approach to advertising,” he said.

The Boyert Shooting Center said: “We have customers who are teachers, and we can thank them by offering discounts on firearms and accessories.”

"Many Texas residents are unaware of this, but colleges and school teachers in some districts are now allowed to carry weapons with them without showing them," the statement said.

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