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What weapons can be wielded in the USA

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At least 26 people died, dozens were injured in the shooting, which opened an armed man in a Baptist church near San Antonio, Texas. The attacker, Devin Patrick Kelly, was armed with an assault rifle. The rifle was also used by the mass murderer Stephen Paddock in Las Vegas. The high rate of fire of such weapons leads to a large number of victims as a result of mass executions.

Possession of such a rifle in the United States is not prohibited. Edition with the BBC compiled an incomplete list of deadly weapons that can be legally owned in the United States.

Browning Citori: up to 20 shots per minute, these weapons are popular harm hunters.

Screenshot from BBC video

Colt Model 70: up to 50 shots per minute, used by military and police.

Screenshot from BBC video

AK-47: up to 120 shots per minute.

Screenshot from BBC video

AR-15: up to 1200 shots per minute.

Screenshot from BBC video

After the 1986 year in the United States has a restriction on the possession of automatic weapons.

However, there are devices for turning semi-automatic weapons into automatic. After the tragedy in Las Vegas, the country is being called to ban the “sliding butt”.

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