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25 free applications that will make masterpieces from your photos

In the world of gadgets, there are several simple yet effective programs for enhancing and processing your pictures and videos. The list contains applications that allow you to apply unexpected and interesting special effects, create amazingly beautiful photos and even shoot a real movie, writes AdMe.

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Already have a premonition that some of them will carry you away for more than one hour.

Spell photo with double exposure

Enlight It combines all the basic functions of photo editors - from resizing a picture, color correction and exposure to applying filters and captions. You can also “mix” multiple photos, create images with double exposure, style the photo under oil-painted pictures or sketches and add frames.

Get the perfect shot

Musecam - photo editor with a large number of professional tools that allow you to change images manually and bring them to perfection. Another advantage of MuseCam is in a huge selection of various filters. There are 2 preset collections (one color, one black and white), the rest can be bought.

Turn a regular snapshot into a psychedelic dream.

Dreamscope Allows users to upload images and apply interesting filters with unusual effects. The application has many fancy filters (including those inspired by Google’s computerized neural neural networks) that will turn your photo into something completely different.

Photograph in cartoon style

Paper chamber makes it possible to create photos in a drawing or cartoon style. Effects can be applied to the photo gallery or create new images immediately in a new style. If you want to know what your world would look like in a cartoon, you are here. It's funny that even the interface of the application looks like it was drawn with colored pencils. The application is not that completely free, but it costs mere pennies, so we decided to include it here.

Stylize photos under retro

B&W Film Emulator - This is a photo editor of black and white photos. He does not just take a picture in black and white, but also allows you to see what the loaded photo would look like if it were taken on a particular black and white film, for example TRI-X 400 from Fuji. Even in the application, you can customize the contrast and shadows and add vignettes.

Make the perfect selfie

B612 - handy photo editor for selfie, allowing you to do ... selfie. And then handle the photos.

“Make up” a face under a famous character or swap face with a friend

MSQRD "makes up" in real time under a famous person, a remarkable type or animal. While in this image, you can record a video message and send it to friends or put it on public display on the social network.

Put on the photo geometric effects

Defqt modifies photos with numerous geometric effects. Among them are the reflection, the kaleidoscope, the addition of noise, the imposition of multicolored geometric shapes and spots like paint sprayed from a can, triangulation, and others. Most effects are available for free, others can be bought.

Feel like a star of the Golden Age of Hollywood

Oldbooth - one of the oldest applications in the App Store to change faces. Allows you to turn the user's photo in the original retro characters.

Make a photo of a photo

Prisma - A popular application that allows you to turn any photo into a painting in different styles.

Create a beautiful clip from regular videos and photos

Magisto makes it possible to create short films and colorful video clips from videos and photos. In the application, you can add special effects and use filters, superimpose music and share video clips in social networks. The smart automatic editor is able to independently analyze the content of photos and videos in your phone and create a beautiful movie without your participation.

Remove the good old movie

8 mm - A great "vintage" camera. Directed by Malik Bengellul used the application when shooting the film "In Search of the Sugar Man", which in 2013, received an Oscar in the category "Best Documentary Film". The application imposes such effects on the video (dust, flicker, scratches, grain) so that it seems to be removed on the old film.

Mount professional video

KineMaster - A full-featured professional editor that supports multiple layers of video, images and text, multiple audio tracks, allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast and color saturation, superimpose video filters and special effects, export videos as Full HD and much more.

Feel like a Star Wars director

Action Movie FX - this app is for those who envy the glory of the director of "Star Wars" or "X-Men." Using the application, you can turn ordinary videos into Hollywood movies with special effects: arrange an explosion or an accident, depict an alien attack or a transformer battle, and similar horrors.

Turn the video into a revived canvas

Artisto - mobile application for artistic video processing by Mail.Ru Group. It can also process photos and make short "looped" videos that are played back in normal and then in the opposite direction (Loop). Now users can use 17 filters.

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