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20 unusual ways to make money

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The AOL website has compiled a complete list of simple ways to increase your income or earn “easy” money.

20 creative tips on how to increase revenue:

1. Walking dogs, babysitting or home

These vacancies are always in high demand. The advantage is that you can regulate your own work schedule. Craigslist is a service where people most often search for and place advertisements of this kind.

2. Renting an apartment or house for short term rent

Register your apartment on airbnb or another rental site and earn some “easy” money. At the same time, you can stay with friends for the weekend while your apartment is occupied.

3. Rent a room or sofa

You can also rent a room or even your sofa on sites like Craigslist or airbnb. You can split bills into utilities or find a new friend.

4. Donate hair, breast milk or plasma

You can donate hair, breastmilk or plasma for a fee. If you are healthy and your weight is more than 49 kg, you can earn up to 200 dollars per month by donating blood plasma to medical facilities.

5. Participate in medical tests and trials

Universities are constantly looking for volunteers to test new drugs and treatments, because the number of applicants is limited. As a rule, they pay well for participating in experiments.

6. Become a member of a focus group

Companies and organizations pay people who have joined a focus group that can be contacted personally, over the Internet or by telephone. Payment is made either in cash or gift cards. In addition, I will often send you to test new products of the company.

7. Participate in online surveys

Similar to the focus group, you can earn money by taking part in online surveys without leaving your home.

8. Cum transfer to sperm bank

Now there is a very high demand for healthy sperm donors.

9. Crowdfunding of your dreams

Crowdfunding allows you to increase cash deposits from a large group of people who want to support your idea. Ask your project or idea on the site GoFundMe.com, and see how much it costs.

10. Become a teacher or tutor

If you are a qualified professional, place an ad on the Internet or create a community for educating children.

11. Earn some money

If you have free time after work or on weekends, find a side job. For example, a bartender, waiter or driver Uber.

12. Ticket resale

Make sure it is legal in your state. You can hunt for stocks and buy tickets for resale. Thus, you guarantee yourself an extra income.

13. Rentafriend.com

You can sell anything on the Internet ... including your friendship! Earn money on walks and enjoy the new day with a new friend.

14. Rent a parking space

Rent a parking for several hours or even for a day. Just make sure you can park your car in a safe place.

15. Get a piggy bank for trivia

Of course, you need patience to collect a decent amount, but to start a house for a trifle is just necessary.

16. Hamd-made for sale

If you are good at weaving beads or doing something original with your own hands, go ahead! Create jewelry or other handmade gifts and sell on the site, for example, Etsy.

17. Selling goods online

This effective strategy requires great effort with high returns. Post photos on sites like eBay or Craigslistand let the bidding begin.

18. Garage sale

Garage sale will allow you to make room for new things and replenish your pocket with a bundle of cash.

19. Return purchases

This advice may seem obvious, but it is often forgotten.

20. Handing over of cans and scrap metal for recycling

Collect cans and scrap metal from your garbage, in the basement and on the street. Hand over it for processing, exchanging for money.

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