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12 professions not affected by the economic crisis

Millions of people work at their jobs, make plans for the future and do not even suspect how much the state of the economy affects their profession. At any time, staff reductions or even company closures can occur. But there are several professions for which there will always be a demand, regardless of the state of the economy and the well-being of the population. Writes about it GoBankingRates.

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Accountants are primarily responsible for the preparation and analysis of financial statements, but that is not all. For example, if you become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you can also prepare tax returns. While some accountants specialize solely in tax matters, others may check the books for accuracy as well as legal and regulatory requirements. They can also make recommendations to reduce costs or increase revenue.

The skills and responsibilities of an accountant are important no matter how the economy works. First, people and businesses must file tax returns regardless of whether the economy is going up or down. On the other hand, companies submit financial statements every quarter under any economic conditions. For these reasons, accountants are among the most desirable jobs protected from recession.

Important statistics:

  • Average annual salary: $ 70 500
  • Compulsory education: Bachelor in Accounting or related fields. Many also receive a CPA license to improve job prospects.
  • Number of Employed: 1 424 000
  • Projected Employment Growth (2018-2028): 6%
  • Projected Job Increase: 90 700

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts, also known as “system architects,” act as a bridge between the business and its information technology (IT) department. They analyze company computer systems to find more efficient and effective solutions. Their responsibilities may include conducting cost-benefit analysis in existing systems, developing recommendations and analyzing possible options. Upon receiving an answer, they will also install, configure and test these systems. Many computer system analysts also train staff and write operating instructions.

In terms of employment, companies always need people to service computer systems regardless of the state of the economy. This ensures that computer systems analysts are guaranteed to work even when companies stop during a recession.

Important statistics:

  • Average annual salary: $ 88 740
  • Compulsory education: a bachelor's degree in computer or information science or a degree in business or humanities, as well as external training in programming or information technology.
  • Number of Employed: 633 900
  • Projected Employment Growth (2018-2028): 9%
  • Projected Job Increase: 56 000

Dental Technician

Dental technicians provide primary dental care to patients. Most of them brush their teeth. Although this remains an integral part of their work, they can also take x-rays, examine teeth and gums for signs of illness, and offer preventive dental care advice to both individual patients and the general public.

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Dental technicians recommend that patients check their teeth every six months, regardless of economic conditions. Moreover, as the population ages, the need for dental care will increase. All these factors ensure that work for this profession is ensured.

Important statistics:

  • Average annual salary: $ 74 820
  • Compulsory education: dental association degree and state license.
  • Number of Employed: 219 800
  • Projected Employment Growth (2018-2028): 11%
  • Projected Job Increase: 23 700


Electricians install, test and repair electrical systems. They can also read circuit diagrams, test electrical systems, or manage projects related to electrical systems. Electricians must know and comply with state and local building codes, which are usually based on the National Electrical Code. Electricians also work with power, lighting, communications and control systems.

Since electrical systems provide power to households and enterprises, there is a continuing need for electricians to ensure the operability of these systems. Since this need will never disappear, the need for this profession will also not disappear.

Important statistics:

  • Average annual salary: $ 55 190
  • Compulsory education: certificate of secondary education with subsequent training, and sometimes technical school.
  • Number of Employed: 715 400
  • Projected Employment Growth (2018-2028): 10%
  • Projected Job Increase: 74 100

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers solve environmental problems using the principles of biology, chemistry, soil science and engineering. Responsibilities typically include project development, analysis of scientific data, monitoring and inspection of facilities, and reporting. These engineers also deal with issues such as waste management, healthcare, climate change and pollution abatement.

Efforts such as wastewater treatment, environmental treatment and regulatory compliance are carried out regardless of the economy. As a result, economic downturns should not greatly affect the work carried out by environmental engineers.

Important statistics:

  • Average annual salary: $ 87 620
  • Compulsory education: Bachelor in Environmental Engineering or related engineering disciplines. Employers also appreciate practical work experience.
  • Number of Employed: 55 400
  • Projected Employment Growth (2018-2028): 5%
  • Projected Job Increase: 2900

Market research analyst

The presence of market research analysts on the list of recession-protected jobs may surprise some people due to the nature of the job, which mainly involves analyzing market conditions to find business opportunities. Typical responsibilities include forecasting sales trends, measuring the success of marketing initiatives, collecting and analyzing data, and reporting.

Many may assume that companies will cut this job in difficult economic times, but this is not the case. Research market analysts tend to remain busy even during a recession. For example, market research analysts may turn their attention to analyzing global markets. Companies also need these specialists to analyze huge amounts of data and find ways to reduce costs in more scarce times.

Important statistics:

  • Average annual salary: $ 63 120
  • Compulsory education: minimum bachelor's degree, a master's degree is required for research positions. Work will also require analytical and mathematical skills.
  • Number of Employed: 681 900
  • Projected Employment Growth (2018-2028): 20%
  • Projected Job Increase: 139 200


Physiotherapists help patients with both mobility and the fight against pain. They evaluate patients based on their medical history, prescribe and change treatment as necessary, and monitor patients through the entire healing process. They also work to prevent further injury or disability.

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The constant flow of patients is one of the reasons why physiotherapists occupy a high place in the list of jobs protected from recession. And thanks to Medicare, many elderly patients who need physiotherapy on an outpatient basis can pay their bills even in a poor economy.

Important statistics:

  • Average annual salary: $ 87 930
  • Compulsory education: Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) degree, state licensing.
  • Number of Employed: 247 700
  • Projected Employment Growth (2018-2028): 22%
  • Projected Job Increase: 54 200

Doctor or surgeon

Doctors and surgeons diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries. They conduct examinations, conduct tests, diagnose and treat diseases, prescribe medications and give recommendations related to recovery and lifestyle. These specialists work both in primary care and in specialties.

The need for medical treatment is constant, so the economy has little effect on the demand for doctors and surgeons. In addition, patients over 65 years old receive Medicare to pay for treatment. These factors ensure that doctors will have a constant workload in any economy.

Important statistics:

  • Average annual salary: $ 208 000
  • Compulsory education: a bachelor's degree, four years at a medical school and, as a rule, a residency program, which takes from three to seven years, depending on the specialty.
  • Number of Employed: 756 800
  • Projected Employment Growth (2018-2028): 7%
  • Projected Job Increase: 55 400

Police officer or detective

Police officers and detectives protect life and property. Detectives focus on collecting evidence for specific crimes. General police work also includes patrolling areas, arresting suspects, filling out reports, and testifying in court cases. The specific job functions are usually determined by rank and experience.

Society constantly needs those who will protect them, which leads to the creation of jobs for police and detectives.

Important statistics:

  • Average annual salary: $ 63 380
  • Compulsory education: completion of high school or college, depending on work and department. The most complete training at the police academy, as well as participation in training at the workplace. Applicants must also comply with stringent physical requirements and audits.
  • Number of Employed: 808 700
  • Projected Employment Growth (2018-2028): 5%
  • Projected Job Increase: 37 500

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses play a crucial role in treatment. They coordinate and sometimes assist patients. They can also educate patients about self-care after treatment, or inform the public about health problems.

No matter what happens to the economy, people need health care. Admittedly, a recession may cause some people to delay treatment for less serious illnesses. But if the disease threatens life or causes excessive suffering, most patients will seek treatment regardless of the level of the economy, which means that nurses have sufficient job security.

Important statistics:

  • Average annual salary: $ 71 730
  • Compulsory education: Bachelor's degree in Nursing (BSN), Associate Nursing Specialist diploma or an approved Nursing Program diploma. Registered nurses must also be licensed.
  • Number of Employed: 3 059 800
  • Projected Employment Growth (2018-2028): 12%
  • Projected Job Increase: 371 500

Lecturer in a higher education institution

As the name implies, university teachers educate students in colleges and universities. Like other types of teachers, they also work with students individually and evaluate work and exams. Higher education teachers must also develop lesson plans and modify the curriculum as necessary. Most university-level professors conduct research, often documenting and publishing their findings.

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The general population tends to stimulate demand for higher education. Young people will always strive for the skills and education necessary to achieve their goals and careers.

Important statistics:

  • Average annual salary: $ 78 470
  • Compulsory education: University faculties usually require a Ph.D. or in a specific field. However, teaching positions at community colleges usually require a master's degree or work experience in a specific field.
  • Number of Employed: 1 350 700
  • Projected Employment Growth (2018-2028): 11%
  • Projected Job Increase: 155 000


Veterinarians examine, diagnose and treat the condition of domestic animals, livestock and other animals. They can also heal wounds, perform operations, prescribe medications, recommend treatment, and, if necessary, perform euthanasia.

Like health workers who treat people, veterinarians are not greatly affected by the overall economy. People who own animals usually need the best care, no matter which direction the economy swings, which means that veterinarians should not have problems working in any economic environment.

Important statistics:

  • Average annual salary: $ 93 830
  • Compulsory education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Number of Employed: 84 500
  • Projected Employment Growth (2018-2028): 18%
  • Projected Job Increase: 15 600

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