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15 Job Search Myths That Everyone Believes

Finding a job can be an incredibly stressful process. Because of this, it can be tempting to follow any type of “tip” that can easily be found online or on bulletin boards. Unfortunately, many of these tips are really myths. Want to know the difference between useful tips and fake tips? Edition Cheat sheet compiled a list of 15 myths that people believe in their job searches.

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1. All open positions are on bulletin boards or online

Even in the digital age, this is not so. Only 15-20 percent of open positions are posted on the Internet. The vast majority of vacancies are part of the “hidden” or “closed”. And the higher the position and salary, the less likely that this position will be announced at all.

2. The more online resources with vacancies you subscribe to, the better

You might think that this will result in multiple offers. But you shouldn't limit yourself to just this method - especially since only five percent of candidates receive interviews this way. Internet job searches should not be viewed as having higher success rates than recourse to job search advertisements in newspapers or magazines.

3. Cover letter is not so important

The cover letter tells the employer what kind of job you are looking for and how suitable you are for this position. The cover letter needs to be adapted to every job you apply for. The only exception to this rule is if the job announcement specifically states that they do not want to receive a cover letter.

4. Your resume should show increased responsibilities

In short: your resume should be short, sweet, and specific. No need to tell a story with a long development of your career. Potential employers spend less than a minute looking at a resume, so the key is to identify key components as quickly and clearly as possible.

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5. Companies dissatisfied with candidates who often change jobs

Of course, you may not want your resume to be filled with short vacancies in different areas. In fact, having many job openings in your resume can show that you have a wide range of skills. Just be careful when creating a job listing if you have been working there for less than a year. This may leave a bad impression.

6. Just by sending a resume, you will go for an interview

In most cases, submitting your resume and then sitting around waiting for a phone call to schedule an interview will get you nowhere. Sending follow-up emails or calls and interview questions can help elevate your resume to the top of the pile. Don't feel like you will be annoying - extra interest can go a long way.

7. You can only schedule interviews from 09: 00 to 17: 00

If the employer is really looking for a new employee, he takes the time out of his schedule to interview job seekers. In addition, after-hours interviews may be better because the interviewer may be less distracted by work issues.

8. Qualification is everything

Being impudent in an interview because you are incredibly skilled does not automatically mean getting a job. But If you don’t feel qualified enough, it’s better not to show it at the interview Confidence in your own skills and the ability to speak openly with your interviewer can help you make a good impression.

9. Lowering your salary requirements makes you a more attractive candidate

Surprisingly, this is not the case. Job seekers should never lower reasonable salary requirements, because that will simply make you look desperate for needy - and will most likely result in you not getting a job offer. You also don't have to ask for a higher salary right at the interview. Let the employer do this if he sees fit.

10. The older you are, the harder it is to get a job

There was a time when it was believed that the class of baby boomers and the elderly could not get a new job. But times have changed, and as long as you have the proper skills, there is no reason not to hire you. Of course, it can still be difficult to get a job if it is in a youth-oriented market.

11. If you need a job - agree to the first offer

You can’t immediately agree to the first job offer, even if you really need it. Unless you encounter very huge financial difficulties, you should look for a job that will best suit the direction in which you want to move.

12. Recruiters pursue your interests

The company pays the recruits, so they always pursue only the interest of the company. They are looking for candidates suitable for the company that they think can work, and not for candidates suitable for the job in which they can succeed. Yes, working with recruiters can help you find a job offer. But this is not a guaranteed way to get a job.

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13. I don’t feel the need to “sell myself” to potential employers

Perhaps “selling yourself” is not an appropriate term for this. Think of the interview as an opportunity to become your own one-person marketing team. To really convince potential employers that you are the candidate they want to hire, you need to make extra efforts.

14. A career change is a pipe dream

In fact, changing your career is not as difficult as you think, given how much the working world is changing and developing. It still requires tremendous effort, but it is not entirely impossible. All people can change the type of activity if desired.

15. The length of your job search depends on your current salary.

Some people may try to tell you something like: “It takes one month to find a job for every x000 of your current salary.” It is not clear where the estimate of how long the job search should take comes from. You need to worry less about numbers and focus your energy on the job search itself.

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