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20 professions with the fastest growing salaries

It happens that a person occupies a position where promotion on the career ladder and, accordingly, an increase in wages are unlikely. Although sometimes you just want to change your job or type of activity. In any case, a reasonable step would be to find a position that has promising prospects.

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Edition GOBankingRates used data from Glassdoor (a career and recruiting site) to find 20 jobs with the fastest growing salaries.

20. Business Development Manager

Four-year wage increase: 9,7%

Average annual salary: $ 121 629

The business development manager is responsible for researching interests and finding potential customers in a particular market. This profession has the lowest percentage increases in wages over a four-year period and the highest average annual salary of all the professions on the list.

19. Teacher

Four-year wage increase: 9,7%

Average annual salary: $ 62 860

Recent teacher strikes in some parts of the United States indicate that the teaching profession is poor, although wages are rising. In addition, the salary increase for 4 of the year is almost 10%, which is a good indicator.

18. Assistant lawyer

Four-year wage increase: 10%

Average annual salary: $ 53 910

The salary of the assistant lawyer for 4 of the year increased by 10%. In addition, having only a bachelor's degree (a standard requirement for this position), an assistant lawyer will receive a salary of $ 53 910 per year, which is not so bad.

17. Web Designer

Four-year wage increase: 10,1%

Average annual salary: $ 75 998

Web designers did not get much ahead of lawyers - only one tenth of a percentage point. But the salary is much higher - almost $ 20 000, so this profession is perfect for creative people who spend a lot of time at the computer.

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16. Insurance agent

Four-year wage increase: 10,1%

Average annual salary: $ 66 990

According to forecasts, the salary of insurance agents will grow at a rate of 10% to 2026 of the year, which is higher than the average for all professions. With such indicators, the profession of an insurance agent can be a good prospect for those who want to earn more money.

15. Registered nurse

Four-year wage increase: 10,2%

Average annual salary: $ 73 550

Job growth for registered nurses is on the rise, with wage growth rates projected at 15% to 2016, which is much faster than the average for all professions. Add to this the four-year salary increase of 10,2 percent plus the average annual salary in excess of $ 73 000, and you will get a job that is ideal for caring and sensitive people.

14. Insurance Loss Estimator

Four-year wage increase: 10,4%

Average annual salary: $ 66 340

The difference between the average annual salary of an insurance agent and an insurance loss appraiser is only $ 650, and insurance agents receive a higher salary. However, in the claims claims settlement bodies, wages for four years increased compared to the wages of insurance agents - 10,4% versus 10,1%.

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13. Junior Nurse

Four-year wage increase: 10,5%

Average annual salary: $ 45 710

Although the percentage increase in the salary of a nurse is not much faster than the growth of a registered nurse, the average salary for the year is significantly different. The younger nurse receives almost $ 30 000 less.

12. Accountant

Four-year wage increase: 10,5%

Average annual salary: $ 77 920

Accountants received the same percentage increase in salaries for 4 of the year as junior nurses - 10,5%. But there is a huge difference between the average annual wages of these two professions. Accountants receive an average of $ 30 000 per year more.

11. Production manager

Four-year wage increase: 10,6%

Average annual salary: $ 110 580

If only one tenth of a percent remains on the list between a four-year increase in the wages of production managers and two previous jobs, this does not mean that the wages of these three professions are the same. The average annual salary of a production manager exceeds $ 110 000 — $ 30 000 more than an accountant and almost $ 55 000 more than a nurse’s nurse.

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10. Financial Consultant

Four-year wage increase: 10,9%

Average annual salary: $ 124 140

The percentage increase in wages for 4 of the year is almost 11%. A career as a financial advisor can look pretty attractive to people looking for better-paid alternatives to their current job. To obtain this profession, a minimum bachelor's degree is required.

9. Certified Nurse Assistant

Four-year wage increase: 11,1%

Average annual salary: $ 28 540

Having the lowest salary among all the professions on the list, a nurse’s assistant will not be the profession that they will go to increase salaries in comparison with their current job. Nevertheless, up to 2026 of the year high wage growth rates are forecasted, as evidenced by the percentage increase in wages over the last 4 of the year more than by 11%.

8. Health Care Specialist

Four-year wage increase: 11,7%

Average annual salary: $ 36 700

Getting this profession may not be the best solution for those who are looking for big money right now. However, according to the forecasts of recruiters, until 2026, wages in this profession will grow faster than average.

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7. Software engineer

Four-year wage increase: 12%

Average annual salary: $ 86 240

A software engineer is ranked in the top five professions in terms of percentage increase in wages, and in the top seven in terms of average annual wages. TOA software engineer career can be very profitable if you have the appropriate degree and experience. TOGenerally, a bachelor's degree in software or information technology development is required, as well as at least seven years of experience in software development or programming.

6. Sales Representative

Four-year wage increase: 12%

Average annual salary: $ 69 680

If you have a desire to try yourself in the sales industry, then the profession of sales representative can be a good solution. According to recruiters, this is a very promising profession both in terms of wages and career growth.

5. Sales Manager

Four-year wage increase: 12,1%

Average annual salary: $ 137 650

If you have experience in sales management, the position of sales manager may be suitable for you. This work has impressive statistics: the average annual salary is the highest in the list, and the percentage increase in wages is in the top 5.

4. Recruiter

Four-year wage increase: 12,4%

Average annual salary: $ 64 317

Although the average annual salary of a recruiter is not in the top five, it is higher than the average annual salary in the United States. Higher than the national average wage, combined with one of the highest percentage increases in wages on this list, makes this profession very attractive.

3. Operations Analyst

Four-year wage increase: 13,6%

Average annual salary: $ 73 080

The average annual salary is $ 20 000 higher than the national average, and the high percentage increase in salary, which is included in the top 3 in this list, makes you think about this profession and fulfill all the necessary requirements to get it.

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2. Pharmacist Assistant

Four-year wage increase: 16,9%

Average annual salary: $ 33 060

Although the average annual salary is lower than the national average, the qualifications for this job are quite simple, as a rule, you only need a high school diploma.

1. Customer Service Manager

Four-year wage increase: 18,3%

Average annual salary: $ 89 326

This work not only ranks first in the list for increasing wages for four years, but also has an average annual wage, which is among the top five. In addition, a salary of almost $ 90 000 is approximately $ 40 000 higher than the national average.

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