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10 questions to ask when buying a home in the US

The process of buying a home in the US is very complicated. Almost all American sellers of real estate arrange so-called open doors for potential buyers. At this time, anyone can see the object of interest and ask the seller or the agent a few specific questions.

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Edition 10 has published the most important questions to ask the seller.

1. How many people are interested in buying?

You can always ask the real estate agent how many people have already seen the house. His desire to bargain will depend on it. Carefully watch the reaction of the seller or his representative.

2. What was the original value of the property?

We must try to find out from the agent all about the price of the house. Why the owner raised or lowered the cost. It often happens that the seller reduces the price because he is in a hurry to move and wants to sell his house as soon as possible.

3. Why does the property owner want to leave?

Of course, not everyone will answer this question. But you can try. Also, do not forget to learn more about the infrastructure of the area.

4. When was the property offered for sale?

This information you must provide the agent or seller of real estate. If the house is not for sale for a long time, then there are some reasons behind it. Try to figure them out.

5. Are there any problems in the house?

Here we are talking about the state of the property. You can take a picture of the house when you first view it. So that you have visual evidence of certain problems.

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6. How long have home owners been renovated?

In principle, you can answer this question yourself by looking at each corner of the object. Find out information about the condition of the roof, electricity and other important details.

7. How much do utilities cost?

This is a very serious question, because it concerns finance. Ask to see the latest bill for utility bills. This will help you calculate your budget in the future.

8. What is the true reason for selling a home?

Very often, home owners pre-arrange open door days. Buyers are eyeing the property, but the transaction can be made later. For example, at the end of the school year.

9. Where is the nearest cafe or store?

This will help you get to know the area better. In the bar you can tell a lot about the place where you are going to live.

10. Who will be your neighbors?

Information about the neighbors is also very important. Who are these people? Where do they work? What do you do? By answering these questions, you will understand with whom you will have to live side by side.


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