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10 products not worth buying on Amazon

Amazon has made it easy to order and deliver anything. But the opportunity to buy something on Amazon does not mean that you should do it. Writes about this Money Talks News.

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What is not worth buying on Amazon

1. Kirkland Brand Products

When you buy Kirkland branded products on Amazon, you buy from a third-party reseller because Costco does not sell its privately owned products on Amazon. Costco announces on its website that it is not responsible for products signed and approved by a third party.

In addition, as Kirkland's Amazon products go through third-party resellers, it is possible that some of these products may be fake or expired. An analysis for 2019 also showed that Kirkland's Amazon products tend to cost more.

If you have Costco near you, consider shopping there. Many products are also available to order at and can be delivered to your home.

2. Additional items to order that you do not need

Amazon offers so-called "complementary products" - products at a low price, but available for purchase only if your order is at least $ 25.

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Bargain-priced products are not always a good idea. By saving, you run the risk of spending more on a product you don't need.

3. Trader Joe's Products

Trader Joe's merchandise sold on Amazon may have a high mark-up compared to in-store purchases. They are sold by third-party sellers who may sell damaged, expired or even counterfeit goods.

A representative of Trader Joe's said: "We do not allow reselling our products and cannot guarantee the quality, safety or value of any Trader Joe's product sold outside our store."

4. Paper towels

It is easy to assume that household items such as paper towels are cheaper on Amazon. However, Money Talks News managing editor Carla Bauscher has a different perspective: “Every time I compare prices per square foot, Costco Kirkland paper towels were cheaper than even Amazon's own brand of paper towels (Presto and Solimo).”

You can also find cheaper paper towels at stores like Walmart.

5. Ikea Products

Since Ikea store locations may be inconvenient, it is tempting to order their products online through Amazon. But Ikea no longer sells products online through Amazon, so everything you see on Amazon comes from third-party sellers.

Ikea offers many of its products online. You will pay at least $ 5 for shipping, but you will know that you are receiving a new and genuine Ikea item.

6. Custom Accessories for Apple Devices

Accessories for Apple devices are not cheap, so it's tempting to go to Amazon and look for versions from other manufacturers. But, for example, chargers can damage the motherboard of your iPhone, which is not so easy and cheap to fix.

Geniuses at Apple will also not be able to help repair the motherboard. Therefore, if you do not want to buy a new phone, you will have to contact an independent repair shop that offers micro-soldering services. They are the only ones who can revive a distorted motherboard. Of course, it’s much easier to avoid tampered chargers.

7. Almost everything else that is cheaper elsewhere

Don't think Amazon has the best price for everything. Before clicking on the “buy” button, compare purchases in other online stores.

Amazon prices are also fluctuating, so something may be cheaper in one day and more expensive in the next. But free apps like CamelCamelCamel can tell you how the price of a particular product has changed over time. This will help you determine if the current price on Amazon is profitable.

8. Fresh products

If you order food through AmazonFresh, Amazon's grocery delivery and pick-up service, the quality of fresh produce may vary. You rely on the opinion of another customer and run the risk of not getting what you wanted.

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On the other hand, when you go to a local store, you can independently choose products with a quality guarantee.

9. Anything with reviews you haven’t checked

You found a great product at the best price, and all the reviews are good. This is an automatic purchase, right? Not necessary. Amazon has had problems with fake reviews in the past, so they should not be taken at face value.

Fortunately, free tools like Fakespot and ReviewMeta can help you determine the accuracy of your product reviews.

10. Designer items sold by third parties

Some designers sell their products through Amazon, many of which you will find with third parties. Therefore, it is important to carefully examine each list to make sure that the product you are buying is being sold by a company or an authorized reseller.

When you purchase through a third-party seller who is not an authorized reseller, it is not possible to verify the authenticity of what you receive.

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