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Work in crisis: which companies in the US are ready to urgently hire thousands of employees

As coronavirus continues to spread, unemployment rises, but many large companies seek to increase their workforce to meet the demand of Americans for critical goods such as food, household items and medical supplies, writes Fox Business.

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Some of the country's largest retailers are even abandoning traditional hiring practices to fill open positions. Demand for a larger number of workers in some sectors arises against the backdrop of the fact that in just a week, the United States filed a record number of applications for unemployment benefits over the past 38 years. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are shutting down, letting employees go home.

Here are some of the companies that hire thousands and even tens of thousands of new employees while the world continues to struggle with the spread of COVID-19:


Convenience Store Chain looking for employeesneeding a second job or extra hours of work.


The store is urgently looking for new employees. On his career page More than 1000 items are listed.


The company intends to fill out 100 vacant posts full and part time in the USA.


CVS Health plans to hire immediately 50 full-time and temporary staff countrywide.

Dollar general

The chain of stores plans to add nearly 50 employees by the end of April, statement.

Dollar Tree

Network is going to hire 25 000 people to support stores and distribution centers throughout the country - In more than 15 branches, with flexible shifts, full and part-time.


A network of pizzerias will hire 10 000 employees countrywide.

General Electric Healthcare

Company plans to hire additional workers to produce more medical equipment, including ventilators, to meet the demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


Company announced in the next 3 months, it will attract another 300 full-service pickers in the United States to meet customer needs for online delivery and receipt of products amid a coronavirus pandemic.

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Global chain of discount supermarkets hires up to 1000 temporary employees in their stores and distribution centers in the United States for at least two months. New employees who do not have health insurance will be eligible for medical benefits, including free testing and treatment associated with COVID-19.


Lowe's spokeswoman confirms that the company will hire 30 employees full-time and part-time workers, as well as night and seasonal workers for short-term employment. The home improvement retailer also offers special one-time bonuses of $ 300 for full-time workers and $ 150 for part-time workers.


A company spokesman said they plan to find jobs in stores, factories, and distribution centers across the country. 10 new workers. Applicants should apply through the company’s website, they can be hired within a few days after submitting the application.

Papa john's

Network is going to hire almost 20 new team members a restaurant.


In the coming months, PepsiCo will hire 6000 new employees full-time with social benefits throughout the United States, the company said.

Pizza Hut

Network seeks to fill in more 30 positions nationwide to help with contactless delivery and other tasks. Company speeds up delivery training the new driver will be able to start work in just 5 hours.

Save A Lot

A network of discount grocery stores opens up full-time and part-time positions in its distribution centers and corporate stores across the country, it is written on the company's page in Facebook.


Pennsylvania Store Operator Confirms Company Offers more than 1300 vacancies for those who are looking for full-time or part-time work. The company confirmed that from March 13 to April 23, it will add additional income 3 dollars per hour for about 17 of its employees.

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Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop will hire at least 5000 new employees to work part-time at their stores, distribution centers and delivery departments in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The company will also work closely with its partners from the United Food and Commercial Organization (UFCW), as well as with local businesses that were forced to lay off or send unpaid leave to identify potential candidates for work.

Valet living

Over the next few months, Valet Living plans to fill out 10 jobs nationwide, confirmed marketing director Patti Girardi. The company is mainly engaged in recruiting people for service positions (for example, cleaning territories in front of buildings and collecting garbage). Vacancies are offered for both temporary and long-term positions.


The company plans to fill approximately 9500 jobs full and part-time stores in stores throughout the United States.


The network is going to employ 150 new employees until the end of May.

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