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Top Ten Jobs for Travelers

“I want to photograph beautiful places, try new dishes, swim in the sea and travel a lot, not that's all.” How many of you have not caught yourself thinking about this at least once?

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Members skyscanner Chose 10 professions that allow you to earn and travel around the world.

When it comes to a dream job for a traveler, they immediately remember the tourist vacancies opened for the sake of PR. A hammock tester is required for an island in the Pacific Ocean. In the Loire Valley, they are urgently looking for a fitness trainer for castle cats. A Swiss hotel needs a media sitter who will post photos on Instagram instead of guests while they are relaxing.

It sounds implausible, and if you read in the middle of a hard work week, it’s also very annoying. But, in fairness, there are good professions for travelers. Moreover, they are tested by our readers on themselves.

If you feel that you are not created for office life and vacations of two weeks, take a look at our selection. Well, how is it not the boss-tyrant and sweltering colleagues, but the fact that you are not in the right place and have not yet decided to look for your own.

The best work for a traveler is ...

Travel blogger - 28,22%
Freelancer - 18,16%
Photographer - 14,36%
Guide or tour leader - 9,08%
Pilot or flight attendant - 8,89%
Manager in an international company - 6,54%
Housesitter - 4,79%
Tutor - 4,69%
Instructor - 3,81%
Animator - 1,46%

Travel blogger

What it does: explores different places and shares useful tips on his blog or social networks, writes columns for travel magazines, advertises hotels, restaurants, goods and services to his audience.


What does: writes articles, designs, translates, or programs remotely and on contract. Freelancers can work from anywhere in the world, collaborate with several customers and develop their own startup in parallel.


What it does: He takes pictures of different parts of the world – beaches, parks, mountains, animals, unusual hotels, luxurious restaurants, and so on. And he sells photographs to magazines, book publishers, websites, advertising agencies and photo stocks.

Guide or tour leader

What it does: organizes sightseeing tours and organizes cool adventures for other travelers. There are also hotel and transfer guides who accompany tourists at the airport, help to sort out the luggage, get to the hotel and easily move into the hotel.

Pilot or flight attendant

What it does: the pilots fly the plane; the flight attendants serve the passengers of the airliner. Together they help people travel fast and conveniently.

Manager in an international company

What it does: A manager of a company with many offices around the world can perfectly legally combine business trips with travel. For example, event managers organize events in different countries, and after the end of a conference or corporate party, they sometimes stay in a new place for a few more days - to rest.


What it does: professionally looks after the house while the owners are away. Haussitters live in apartments and villas around the world for free, and for this they water the flowers, clean the cat, walk the dog and mow the lawn. Ads for housing, for which you need to look, look at TrustedHousesitters and other special services.


What it does: helps to improve the level of spoken English, remotely teaches a foreign language, mathematics and other subjects. Prepares for IELTS, school and student exams via Skype.


What it does: gives lessons in yoga, surfing or, for example, painting mehendi. The instructor is well versed in some kind of skill and teaches this to those who, even on vacation, want to develop and grow above themselves.


What it does: entertains hotel guests or children in an amusement park. A good animator is not only a mass entertainer, but also a psychologist. He is not just a full-time joker, but finds an approach to everyone, unobtrusively maintains discipline and is always ready to provide first aid.

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