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How to get a high-paying job in IT from scratch: a new course starts on January 21

It is absolutely impossible to imagine modern life without technology - various programs are constantly being developed and improved to make our lives easier; new useful devices are created; technology and automation have penetrated almost all areas of human life, even those that previously seemed completely “manual”. This leads to the fact that the IT industry is rapidly growing and developing, creating more and more jobs with good wages. Therefore, it is not surprising that many dream of mastering a profession in this field in order to find employment in a rapidly growing market with excellent prospects.

Photo courtesy of ZiyoTek School

However, many applicants do not know that their dreams are quite feasible, even if the education they received earlier has no relation to IT. For example, school ZiyoTek offers a course on training specialists in the field of Linux + DevOps, which can be people older than 18 years who have minimal knowledge in IT or who have absolutely no knowledge in this sphere. The only condition is the willingness to study hard for the sake of getting the job of your dreams, as well as the desire to change your life for the better, taking advantage of the possibilities of the modern world.

According to the employment website, currently in the US openly more than 77 thousands of jobs that require knowledge of Linux. According to the information portal, such experts on average earn About 92 thousand dollars a year.

The Linux + DevOps course at ZiyoTek School lasts six months, classes are held 4 once a week in the evenings and on weekends so that students can study and work at the same time.

Training takes place on campus and online in virtual classrooms with the ability to view courses in the record. On the educational portal of the school, students have access to reading materials, presentations, lecture notes, and can also take tests to test their knowledge. Training includes more than 300 training hours from experienced instructors based on projects in conditions as close as possible to working in a real company office. Students will be provided with all the necessary materials for training.

The next DevOps course at ZiyoTek School starts on January 21, students will be able to get a RHCSA certificate for free (usually $ 400 must be paid to get it).

More than 80% of students before studying at ZiyoTek School had no experience in IT, while the vast majority of graduates found work during 6 months.

The school's ultimate goal is to ensure 100% student employment, so the school staff works with each student until he gets a job. In particular, they provide the opportunity to undergo free retraining if the student feels the need for it. School graduates are assisted in writing their resumes and are also prepared for interviews so that the job search process is as fast and efficient as possible.

Graduates School ZiyoTek. Photo provided by the school

Graduates of the school work in such companies as Chicago Merchantile Exchange, George Mason University, Deloitte, Jack Henry, Next Vortex, Zelle, Cox Communications, SAP, Verisign, New York Mellon Bank, Costco, Discovery Channel and others.

The course can be paid for in four monthly installments; It is also possible to obtain a student loan through a third party, in which case students can pay the money back over the next few years.

The cost of studying at ZiyoTek school is lower than at colleges, universities and other bootcamps, while the quality of the knowledge gained is enough to work in the field of IT. Payment information can be found at Online schools.

In addition, the school offers discounts:

  • students who pay the entire course before the start of the course;
  • veterans;
  • and EmpowerWomeninIT discounts for students in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Learn more about learning by visiting ZiyoTek School at Open DayTo be held on January 12.

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Tel: 202 630 0504

Email: [email protected]

You can ask questions to school representatives in the form of feedback.

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