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"Male" profession for immigrants: where to start life in the US

One of the main problems faced by new immigrants in the US is job search. Of course, those who come with ready work permits from specific companies are much more fortunate. However, most are faced with serious challenges in this field. Even if your previous job was not “tied” to the native language and is considered universal, it is possible that you will have to seriously retrain abroad - as is the case, for example, in the case of teachers or doctors. In this case, training in prestigious colleges in the United States is a rather long and costly process.

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In case you feel that you cannot afford to get a full-fledged education in a new country, we can offer quite interesting and sought-after professions that practically do not require training costs. Practically any person can master these types of work, and their requirements are minimal. Today we will focus on the "male" professions that are suitable for the "strong" half of humanity.

1.Cable technician

As the representative of the company says MPEG Communications Yevgeny Pinchuk, the requirements for such work are minimal: it is necessary to have only a driver's license of any state, SSN, and to speak at least basic spoken English. No prior work experience is required here, and MPEG Communications itself teaches beginner cable operators.

«Training lasts two weeks, and is a practical training. A newcomer drives along with an experienced cable technician and looks at the place exactly how things are going in practice. We have no theoretical lessons, and people learn in the process. Moreover, we pay salaries and in the period of study - $ 200 per week. After the completion of the training, the salary of our employees ranges from $ 1500 and above“- explains Eugene.

Yevgeny Pinchuk notes: usually in this industry, the six-day work week is considered the norm, but in practice the employees themselves determine how much they want to work. Accordingly, the income varies depending on the volume of completed orders.

«It is possible to work both 4 and 5 days, but if a person has a goal to earn good money, then many people work at first without any days off. However, in any case, it is their voluntary decision.“- emphasizes the representative of MPEG Communications.

The working day depends on the state, but traditionally lasts from 8 in the morning to 6-7 in the evening. Special physical training for the work of the cableman is not required, but the minimum endurance is still needed - employees have to periodically carry around a ladder weighing 30 kilograms.

«At first it seems difficult, but in the process of training beginners are taught how to properly lift and set it. Of course, physical efforts have to be applied here, but in practice this did not cause any problems for anyone. We work including young students"- says Eugene.

The company also does not make too high demands on the level of English.

«We try to take everybody, and in practice guys with almost zero language came to us. Of course, it was hard for us and for them. Ideally, it is spoken English, or at least an understanding of what you are told, and the ability to be explained at least by simple sentences. With such people you can already work. In general, this work is the best workshop in English. Our guys have to communicate with clients and dispatchers, and all of them are mostly English-speaking. During the training, a person learns not only basic work skills, but also type phrases. Our customers basically ask the same thing: their Wi-Fi password or help in finding a channel. All questions and answers are of the same type, and even a person who speaks poor English can quickly remember them in the course of training. If an abnormal situation arises, you can contact the supervisor, who will always help to resolve this issue, especially a newcomer.“- explains Yevgeny Pinchuk.

The company is headquartered in Boston, but MPEG Communications is recruiting staff other than Boston in New York, Miami, Dallas and Columbus. To leave a request, simply fill in the form on its website.

2. Computer technical support specialist (Computer Support Technician, CST)

You can get this profession in 4 weeks of study at New York Vocational School. Institute of Career Continuity, and for the beginning of study it is enough just a regular school certificate. At the same time, as the school director explained Irina KokurinaThe training schedule is quite flexible.

«The whole program is designed for 90 hours. If a person has the opportunity to attend classes on weekdays, training takes 4 weeks - 6 hours per day. Those who study on weekends, respectively, need 8 weeks. You can also study in the evenings on weekdays - 3 hours per day“- says Irina.

At the same time, teachers of the Institute of Career Continuity have a mandatory work experience in the field of study, which is transferred to students during practical training. Training programs are adapted to the ever-changing demands of the labor market, and all students receive unlimited free access to all the Institute’s electronic textbooks.

Director of the Institute of Career Continuity Irina Kokurina. Photo: ForumDaily

«Technical support specialists can customize not only computers, but also phones and tablets. They are able to carry out maintenance of devices, diagnose and solve any problem related to computer equipment, troubleshoot problems, install software, and so on. No programming skills required for this job.“- explains Irina Kokurina.

Considering the current abundance of computer equipment, such experts are always in great demand in the market. They can work in the technical support service of any company, as well as in the service structure that solves users' problems with computers, hardware and software. The average salary in this area is about $ 50 000. In addition, the certificate holder CST can open your own business.

3. Engineer Quality Assurance (QA)

This is a specialist who performs validation and testing to ensure that the product, service, or software purchased by the customer is working properly. In the spoken language, this profession is better known as the "tester" - a person who checks newly written computer programs for problems. According to Business InsiderQA is one of the 14 IT occupations for which the US pays more than 90 thousands of dollars a year. The average annual salary of a tester is $ 101 330. However, according to the Stake Overflow Blog, QA was considered one of the fastest growing trends in 2017. According to the publication, there is a high demand for QA engineers and, at the same time, a shortage of qualified people to fill these posts.

In New York, you can learn to be a tester in the center. IT Pass. The program lasts 10 weeks and includes training in manual testing skills (Manual QA), course on automated quality control (Automated QA)during which the program necessary for testing is studied Selenium, and also the business analysis. For admission you do not require any special training, and simply own a computer at the household level.

«Each company works differently with quality assurance engineers. For example, some have an independent quality assurance team, others have one or two people in the company, and someone builds quality assurance personnel into each development team. Nevertheless, it is possible to say with confidence that this kind of specialists is necessary, and the need for them grows from year to year."- explained the representative of the center IT Pass Alexander Rubinstein.

Alexander notes: how customers interact with software determines their attitude to what product to buy.

«Statistics show that, often, once disappointed in the quality of the goods, the consumer puts an end to the brand. This means that QA engineers must find all possible ways to break the software, and then tell the developers what exactly should be fixed and improved. Living in the modern world of technology, technology companies wishing to stay in business cannot afford the absence of QA engineers, and in some industries, for example, finance, medicine, etc., quality control is mandatory at the legislative level"- emphasizes the representative of IT Pass.

The founders of the center assure that the profession of a tester will suit anyone who loves to solve technical puzzles, help others and write codes. At the same time, QA is one of the few highly paid professions that does not require higher education.

February 25 IT Pass holds an open day, where everyone will be able to ask questions to representatives of the center. More information about the open day can be found. here.

4. Network Technical Support Specialist (Computer Network Technician, CNT)

This is the next step in the career of a computer technician after a technical support specialist, which is close to the concept of “system administrator” adopted in the post-Soviet space. You can also enroll in this 60-hour program at the New York Vocational School. Institute of Career Continuity. The average salary of a network technician is about $ 80 000.

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«We offer students not only to take a class and get a new profession in demand in a short time, but also to build their careers step by step - in this case, in the technical field.“, Explained the director of the Institute of Career Continuity Irina Kokurina.

The work of a network technical support specialist is not considered classic programming - these employees do not create the program code themselves, but use ready-made software in their work. Their task is the creation and technical support of the network, as well as timely troubleshooting and security threats. In fact, CNT is responsible for the company's computer security, and therefore the importance of such a specialist is difficult to overestimate.

«Functions CNT is, for example, to combine computers into one network, install a server, and so on. A secure network that works without failures is one of the keys to successful company operation. This is especially important in our time, when many prefer to work remotely. The value of such specialists is now particularly increased, as the problem of computer network security is becoming increasingly important.“- Irina Kokurina emphasized.

In addition, the Institute of Career Continuity necessarily helps its graduates with writing resumes, conducts special counseling on career issues, and even helps them with job search.

Interested in these professions - ask a question

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