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Housing Lottery: apartments in eastern New York for $ 558 per month

Photo: NY Housing Connect

Four years ago, a local development corporation Cypress hills applied for the construction of a multifunctional building at 501 Pitkin Avenue in eastern New York.

In a seven-story building known as Pitkin berriman apartmentsThere is more 278 apt. m (3000 square feet) of space with a grocery store and backyard, playground and garden.

There are apartments that are accessible to low and middle income New Yorkers. The price of 47 apartments available ranges from $ 558 per month with one bedroom to $ 1224 per month with three bedrooms.

Photo: NY Housing Connect

New Yorkers who meet the above requirements can apply for an affordable apartment before November 27 on 2017.

Detailed information on how to apply is available. here (Pdf).

In New York, there is a special program that allows you to rent housing below the market value of low-income residents. To do this, they can apply for participation in the housing lottery. Information about available rental and home ownership options for this program can be obtained by calling the Affordable Housing Hotline: 311. General information about housing in New York can be found at link.

To apply, you must:

  1. Sign up for NYC Housing Connect
    To register in NYC Housing Connect You must provide a valid email address and basic contact information. You can update this information at any time. Only one account per household is allowed.
  2. Fill in your household information
    You will be asked to provide detailed information on employment and income (on you and all household members). Once you have started the application process, you can save the application and return to it at any time. To apply, you must fill in all required fields.
  3. Apply now
    To submit an application, click on the “Submit Application” button for any of the residential properties for which you are entitled to apply. For one residential object you can submit no more than one application. The application must be submitted no later than the deadline. You can check whether the application has been filed in the section "Application Status". See below.
  4. Track application history
    You will be contacted in the event that your application is randomly selected at the stage of the initial registration of the lease or sale. Please note that due to the large number of applications it is impossible to contact each applicant for each project. You can view all the projects for which you have applied for in the Residential Objects List (“Search” tab). Here you can check whether the application has expired or is expired. To have an idea of ​​what will follow after the application has been submitted, carefully read the “Process Description” section.
NYC Housing Screenshot

If you do not want to apply online, you can submit it in paper form. An application form can be mailed to you. Go to the ad for the project you are interested in on the “Search” page. There you will learn how to get an application form by mail and where to send the completed form.

Applicants are not required to pay an application fee, but they may be charged for a credit check that is non-refundable.

You will also be contacted if your application is rejected for any of the following reasons:

  1. The household does not meet the established requirements (such as income) for participation in the program in which housing was built.
  2. The household received more than one application for a residential property, which led to its cancellation.
According to data about who most often wins in housing lotteries for renting cheap housing in New York, the undisputed leaders are single young people.

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