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Pay taxes. Important Tips for American Taxpayers

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In the United States began the season for the filing of tax returns. collected important information for those who are going to report to the tax authorities this year.

Do not delay the filing of the declaration

The sooner you start your tax report, the better. Many accountants may be overloaded with work, so it is very important to agree with a financial advisor in advance and not wait for April. In addition, this year a lot of tax innovations that can delay the process. For example, American accountant William Rivero recommends applying for services no later than March 21, otherwise you may not have time to do everything in the allotted time.

It is important to determine the program

Software TurboTax provides free services to help you fill out a tax return. However, if you are employed or own a small business, the cost of this software for you can reach $ 79.99.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers free software Filletbut it is available only to people whose annual income is below $ 62 000. If your income is greater than this amount, then all papers will have to be filled in by yourself.

Personal data protection will make filing a declaration longer

The US Internal Revenue Service strengthens personal data protection. Especially for this, the tax office has added 20 new elements that will protect a person’s data when filing a tax return online. Thus, taxpayers will have a high level of protection of personal information. However, the Internal Revenue Service warns that the new security system will make the process of filing a declaration longer, so the report should be started as soon as possible.

Do not count on the telephone service of the Tax Board

Last year, 83 a million people called the support numbers of the Internal Revenue Service, and only 8,3 million of them were able to talk personally with tax officials. On average, waiting for a response took 23 and a half minutes. In 2016, specialists will try to answer the call within 20 minutes.

The tax office has scheduled fewer checks

The US Congress approved an increase in the budget of the Internal Revenue Service this year. The money will go primarily to improve the work of service departments, and not to increase tax pressure. According to USA Today, this indicates that this year there will be fewer checks compared to last year.


To control foreign assets will become tougher

Employees of the tax service intend to carefully check those taxpayers who have financial assets abroad. If their total amount exceeds $ 50000, then all information about income must be specified in the declaration. The Internal Revenue Service has entered into an agreement with 100 countries of the world, so it is unlikely to get out of paying taxes.



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