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How to train yourself to save money: the advice of psychologists

About half of Americans cannot pay $ 400 for unexpected expenses without selling or borrowing money. Moreover, half of Americans after 55 years have no savings for their retirement period, except for social insurance.

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The problem with savings concerns not only low-income Americans, but also the middle class.

Scientists have found that the reason that people can not save, are psychological barriers, writes T.

One reason is that people prioritize their short-term desires over their long-term goals and plans. This translates into spending on designer clothes, new gadgets, or dining out at a fancy restaurant instead of setting aside some money for the future.

Another problem is that people are bogged down in everyday life and unable to make decisions on issues that do not require their immediate attention - such as preparing for retirement in the distant future.

Research has shown that people are fairly accurate in their large monthly expenses (rent, taxes, etc.), but most underestimate the so-called special expenses. Therefore, various holidays or simply dinners in chic places are perceived by us as “rare cases”, but these cases are not as rare as they seem.

Fortunately, knowing human psychology, you can find several ways to make savings despite the psychological barriers.

For example, if we cannot postpone consciously, we can do it automatically with the help of employers. Studies show that if an employer automatically deducts 2-6% of the salaries of its employees to separate savings accounts, then their savings for retirement will increase significantly.

Research also shows that if employees are offered savings by default when this option is already configured automatically, and additional actions need to be taken to cancel it, most will leave the option active.

Nevertheless, such programs with the involvement of the employer as the initiator of additional savings in US law have some obstacles. Moreover, not everyone can get lucky with an employer who is concerned about the long-term savings of their employees.

Therefore, we offer you a number of tips on how to learn to save on your own:

  • Banks may, by default, send a portion of their clients' income to a savings account in case of an emergency.
  • The bank may label these savings as “extraordinary”. This can solve the problem when people use deferred money for some of their short-term desires, because without a proven emergency situation, the bank simply will not give it out.
  • For customers who do not want to start a savings account now, the bank may postpone the down payment. People are more willing to accept difficult but correct behavior if its start date is in the future.
  • Savings should start from the beginning of a new week, month or year, when we are psychologically feeling more motivated to start something new and correct.
  • You can also use the option of moving the loan to savings. For example, when you repaid the loan, continue to deposit the same amount into a separate account every month, but now it will go not to pay the loan, but to a savings account.

Many of the financial decisions that we make daily are not based on a sober assessment of the situation, but on desires and emotions, so an understanding of psychology can help us in forming a financial reserve for an emergency or long-term savings for the retirement period.

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