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Zika virus: what you need to know



Cases of local transmission of the Zika virus in Miami have been confirmed in Weinwood, but the problem of health security in this area is much wider. Learn more about the virus because of which the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued its first travel restriction within the country.

What is Zika? How is it transmitted?

  • Zika is a virus that is transmitted primarily by mosquitoes of the genus. Aedesthat usually bite throughout the day.
  • A mosquito that bites an infected person can become infected with a virus and transmit it to the next person who has bitten it.
  • The virus is also transmitted through sex, from a pregnant woman to the fetus, or through blood transfusions.

What is the risk?

  • Zika can lead to severe fetal brain defects, resulting in a child being born with an unusually small head and underdeveloped brain, eyesight, hearing and other growth problems.
  • CDC research has also shown a direct link between Zika virus and a nervous system disease called Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Who is most at risk?

  • Pregnant women: The CDC concluded that a Zika virus infection during pregnancy could lead to the birth of a child with microcephaly, a birth defect in which the baby’s head is less than normal, which prevents the brain from developing properly. These children may also have seizures, problems with nutrition, movement and balance.

What are the symptoms of zika virus?

  • Many of those infected with Zika virus have no symptoms, or they go almost unnoticed. Symptoms of Zika virus: fever, rash, joint pain, conjunctivitis, muscle pain and headache.
  • Symptoms last from several days to a week.
  • Usually people do not treat these symptoms in the hospital.

How many people in the country are sick?

  • As of 3 August 2016, 1 825 cases of Zika virus have been registered in the USA, and 5 548 cases have been recorded in US territories.

When did the Zika virus come to Miami? How many people does he have?

  • As of 8 August 2016, the Florida Health Authority reports 17 local cases of Zika virus - 14 cases in Miami-Dade, mainly in Weinwood, two cases in Broward County, and one in Palm Beach County.
  • The state health department is investigating whether an infection has occurred in one of the cases in southwest Miami-Dade.

What does travel restriction from CDC?

  • Pregnant women are advised not to go to vinewood.
  • Pregnant women who live there or often go there should be checked in the first and second trimesters.
  • Their sexual partners who have been in the area since June 15 are advised to use condoms. If they have already had unprotected sex with their pregnant partners, they need to consult a doctor and get tested for Zika virus.
  • These recommendations are the first time that the CDC issues a travel restriction to any part of the continental United States.
  • As of 28 July 2016, 479 pregnant women in the United States and the District of Columbia had symptoms similar to Zika virus, according to data from the CDC. In Florida, health authorities reported 55 virus infections among pregnant women, as of 5 August 2016.

How to get tested for Zika virus?

  • Those who wish to be screened for the Zika virus should call the Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade by calling 305-324-2400.
  • You can also get tested in a private laboratory - it will cost from $ 165 to $ 500. Contact your clinic.
  • Blood samples are sent to the state lab for testing. Getting results can take from one to three weeks.
  • Pregnant women need to be examined immediately.

How long has the Zika virus been known?

  • He was first identified in Uganda in the 1947 year.
  • Since May 2015, the surge of Zika virus has been recorded in Brazil. Brazilian authorities confirm an increase in the number of microcephaly diseases among newborns.
  • The CDC notes that previous outbreaks of the virus could go unnoticed, because the symptoms are similar to other diseases.

What should I do to protect myself and my family?

  • The CDC says the best way to protect against Zika virus is to avoid mosquito bites.
  • It is best for pregnant and lactating women to use repellents with diethyl toluamide (DEET) and Picaridin.
  • Most repellents can be used for children, but do not use repellents for babies under the age of 2 months.
  • Dress the children so that their arms and legs are closed. Cover cradles, strollers and carrying mosquito nets.
  • Use meshes on windows and doors and dispose of standing water tanks.

What is this recent air pollination over parts of Miami?

  • A chemical against mosquitoes called Naled is sprayed from planes mainly at dawn and at dusk. It is absolutely safe for people and their pets.
  • Naled can be dangerous to some insects like butterflies and bees, so hide your hives if you live in Vinewood.
  • Spraying should not be carried out in difficult weather conditions, so recent storms in Miami postponed it.

Can pesticides cause microcephaly?

Here is what the CDC writes about this: “Some fresh materials in the press suggest that a pesticide called pyriproxyfen may be associated with microcephaly. Piriproxifen is approved for disease control by the World Health Organization. Piriproxifen is a registered pesticide in Brazil and other countries, it has been used for decades and has no connection with microcephaly. In addition, contact with pyriproxyfen does not explain the results of recent studies showing the presence of Zika virus in the brain of children born with microcephaly. ”

What I need to know about mosquitoes aedes aegyptai?

  • The life cycle of a mosquito is 8-10 days, female mosquitoes bite.
  • Mosquitoes love clean, stagnant water and fly a little more than 100 meters in their entire lives.
  • Females aedes aegyptai attract the smell and sweat of man.

If you have or could have had contact with the Zika virus, how long does it stay in your body?

  • Both men and womenwho may have been in contact with the Zika virus, it is worth waiting for 8 weeks after the alleged contact before starting a family.
  • Men, which confirmed Zika virus, must wait 6 months after detecting symptoms before starting a family. Women, which confirmed Zika virus, must wait for 8 weeks before conceiving a child.
  • Zika virus is sexually transmitted, including through vaginal, anal, oral sex and general sex toys.

Where do these mosquitoes live in south Florida?

  • Mosquitoes of the genus Aedes live on many sites in the United States (see map).

Should I panic?

  • Not. It is enough to dry or cover all containers with standing water in your yard or house and carry repellent behind you.
  • If you live in Miami-Dade County and you have problems with mosquitoes, call 311.

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