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In the US, a tornado hunter hit the center of a tornado and survived. VIDEO

An extreme meteorologist from the USA showed what a tornado looks like from the inside. The man got into the very center of the forming whirlwind when he tried to photograph the bad weather on video. Calmly: he survived and did not even suffer, but it seems you would hardly want to visit his place.

Photo: Twitter screenshot

Reed Timmer from the United States calls himself a tornado hunter and extreme meteorologist. A man works for the AccuWeather weather service, for which he regularly takes photos and videos of the violence of the elements - hurricanes, snowstorms and tornadoes. Timmer even has a special Dominator 3 wonder car that can withstand hail and strong winds.

Photo: twitter screenshot

In mid-May, Reed and a team of colleagues set out on their unusual machine to Nebraska to photograph a tornado with a drone. But the elements prepared a surprise for him: soon after the meteorologists arrived at the location, they were in the very center of the tornado that was forming. According to AccuWeather, Timmer at this dangerous moment could not hide in his sturdy car. So, with the camera turned on, he stood with his back to the wind and decided to hope for the best.

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In the frames, it is noticeable, like the wind carrying dust and dirt, rapidly surrounds Reed and his colleagues.

After 10 seconds, the visibility becomes almost zero, and only noticeably, as the garbage rushes past with great speed.

But it’s better to see the full video once (and be surprised at how Reed rejoices in the chaos around him). It is available below.

When the elements calmed down, Reed was covered in dust and dirt (as well as the interior of his car, which had its doors open all this time). The meteorologist was not affected at all by the tornado.

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Reed clip posted in twitterwhere he in a few days scored more than 165 thousands of views. Many were very surprised that Timmer managed to stand on his feet when everything was raging around. Other users are surprised by the courage of a crazy meteorologist.

However, in the comments on the AccuWeather website, many users write that a tornado, in the center of which Reed got, is too weak, and does not pull on a bigger than a dust storm or a strong wind.

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