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In California, a police officer adopted a homeless child who asked for help.

The life of a Santa Rosa (California) police officer changed after meeting with a pregnant homeless woman who asked him for help.

Photo: Facebook / Santa Rosa Police

33-year-old policeman Jason Whitten answered the call of a woman who said she was looking for a home for her unborn child, writes Fox News.

According to the father of the baby, the woman suffers from drug addiction.

“Like many people with whom I spoke, I learned about her life and its history. I knew her other two children from the foster camp I worked for. When she started talking about them, I immediately felt a connection with her, because I knew her beautiful children, ”said Whitten.

The officer took the pregnant woman to a rehabilitation center. Once she asked if he wanted to adopt her child, but, according to the policeman, he was not sure that she was not joking. The woman gave birth in February 2018. Heroin was found in the girl’s body after birth. When asked by the officials whether the woman intends to place the girl in a foster family, she said that she would like to give the baby to Whitten.

"She said:" I know that you have a daughter. I know that you are firm, but fair. ”“ - recalled the words of a homeless policeman.

On August 30, the Whitten family officially adopted the girl and named her Harlow Maisie Whitten. The baby now has three older sisters.

“I immediately fell in love. She is so charming, she starts to cry, if she needs something, as all children do, but as soon as you touch her, she immediately stops crying. She realized that she was safe, ”Whitten said.

Colleagues congratulated the officer post in Facebook.

“Congratulations to the Whitten family and welcome to the baby in the family of the Santa Rosa Police Department,” reads the post.

In the U.S. police adoption

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