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In Yosemite, the 'fiery' waterfall is again visible: what this miracle of nature looks like

A spectacular "fire waterfall" wowed nature watchers in California's Yosemite National Park when the setting sun illuminated the waterfall and made it fiery. The edition told in more detail CBS News.

Photo: IStock

For several weeks each year, the last rays of daylight fall on Horsetail Falls, lighting up the water and creating the illusion that it is a river of lava flowing down the side of the mountain.

The phenomenon, which lasts only a few minutes at sunset and attracts tourists from all over the country, is based on a rare combination of ideal conditions.

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“When the sun hits exactly at the right angle, it reflects on El Capitan,” said Yosemite National Park public relations officer Scott Gediman. – It is a combination of the sun reflected in the water, clear sky and flowing water. When it all comes together, it's magic."

California, like much of the western United States, is in the grip of a years-long drought that has severely depleted its rivers.

But the torrential downpours that began this year, which caused fatal floods in some places, have put the state in a much better state.

California's signature blue sky appeared on February 15, meaning visitors to Yosemite who were in the right place at the right time got a chance to see the fiery waterfall.

"The pictures I've seen are amazing," said amateur photographer Terry Cantrell, who traveled from Fresno.

The long wait and freezing temperatures were worth it for San Francisco-based photographer Whitney Clark.

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“It creates a really nice fire effect for photographers and you can get a pretty shot,” she concluded.

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