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Ukrainian entered the list of the most influential women in 2020

with the BBC unveiled a list of the most influential and inspiring women of the year. It also includes a native of Ukraine, entrepreneur Anastasia Volkova. And this summer, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) included her in the list of innovators under the age of 35.

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Anastasia is the founder of Flurosat, a startup that provides technology services to agribusiness around the world.

The service works by subscription and helps farmers receive various data on the status of their crops.

Flurosat analyzes satellite images of fields, photographs of drones, applies artificial intelligence technologies and, based on the information received, advises farmers on how to best manage crops.

The user, for example, can get tips and advice on watering, the use of fertilizers, the potential profitability of his field, and more.

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The system identifies potential crop problems long before they become visible to the naked eye, according to Flurosat. This type of monitoring and support can reduce the overuse of nitrogen, pesticides and herbicides, and optimize irrigation.

“We give advice to farmers. We say, for example, that in this part of the field the plants are dehydrated. On the other hand, they are exhausted and in need of fertilization, ”explained the founder of Flurosat in one of her interviews.

This summer, the MIT Technology Review (a magazine published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the most prestigious technical universities in the world. - Ed.) included Volkova in the list of innovators under 35.

Flurosat is partially created in Ukraine - the project development team works here.

Anastasia Volkova, after graduating from the National Aviation University in Kiev, subsequently received a master's degree from the Warsaw University of Technology, and in 2015 she moved to Australia to pursue science.

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In 2018, she received her doctorate from the local University of Sydney.

As stated on the website MIT Technology Review, Anastasia once realized that she could combine remote sensing data with scientific modeling to increase yields, reduce the use of agricultural chemicals, and improve water management. So she found her life's work. It didn't matter that she was still doing her aerospace doctorate at the University of Sydney or that she needed to raise more than $ 5 million in start-up money on her own. Volkova, the daughter of a self-taught botanist and goddaughter of a successful farmer, wanted to fix what she thought was wrong in large-scale farming.

Now Flurosat services are used by over a thousand companies from 15 countries.

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