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Youngest in history: Ukrainian recognized as the strongest man on the planet

Ukrainian strongman Alexey Novikov won the World's Strongest Man competition in the USA this year and received the title of the strongest man. Edition Hromadske told about this unusual person.

Screenshot: YouTube / Sportfaza Reboot

In second place after the Ukrainian strongman was Briton Tom Stoltman, and in third - Jean-François Caron from Canada.


Novikov rode to the competition in Florida with a heavy heart. On the day of his arrival in the United States, his grandfather died at home, who brought Alexei to the sport. His injured knees also hurt. But the guy just decided to defeat eminent rivals and devote his victory to his grandfather. So, Alexey Novikov is not just the strongest man on the planet, he is still the youngest champion in the history of competitions (he is 24 years old) and the smallest in weight and dimensions: height - 186 centimeters, weight - 125 kilograms. All his rivals were a cut above and under 200 kilograms, writes TSN.

5 days of intense competition, 25 percent of athletes do not reach the finish line at all - they are injured.

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Alexey admits that at the end of the competition he understood that he could win, but he believed only when he was called his last name.

And Novikov also set a new world record at these competitions - he lifted a barbell weighing 537 and a half kilograms.

Strongman achievements

Now Aleksey already has four titles of "The Strongest Man of Ukraine", which he received in 2016-2019.

In 2017, Alexey Novikov became the winner of the Giant Live tournament in Ireland, which gave him the right to participate in the "World's Strongest Man" competition in April-May 2018.

In early March 2018, he became the winner of the Arnold Amateur World Championship, which was held in Columbus, Ohio. This competition is a qualifier for the Arnold Strongman Classic, where ten of the world's strongest athletes compete for victory. In March 2020, the Ukrainian took 5th place in this competition.

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In the same 2018, Oleksiy set a record for Ukraine "A 530 kg yok carried on the shoulders."

In addition to Novikov, the world title was received by the Ukrainian Vasily Virastyuk in 2004, so the last such award in Ukraine was 16 years ago.

And in 2007, Virastyuk was awarded the title of "strongest man in the world" at the IFSA Strongman Champions tournament.

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