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Scientists have found out how much money you need for happiness: the amount came out less than you think

Seventy-five thousand dollars a year is such an upper limit of income, the increase of which will not affect your happiness and well-being in any way. It is on this figure that the authors of a number of preliminary studies of the dependence of human happiness on money agree. with the BBC.

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However, as the author of a new study on this eternal topic, Matthew Killingsworth, Ph.

Why ambition and a goal are not needed for happiness

Killingsworth came up with a new approach to the topic and decided to look at how income affects not everyone's enjoyment of life, but everyday sensations - no one had done this before him.

The scientist analyzed the questionnaires in a special mobile application Track Your Happiness (something like “Track your happiness”). More than 33 employed Americans filled them out daily. This program during the day at any time may prompt you to fill out a short questionnaire with the obligatory indication of your income level.

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Instant happiness was defined as a simple question, “how are you feeling right now?” to which multiple responses could be given, from “excellent” to “very bad.” This method of repetition allowed us to derive the average indicators of the ordinary feeling of happiness among the respondents.

They say: the main thing is not money, but their quantity

Additionally, about half of the survey participants had to answer one more question: “How satisfied are you with your life in general?” ranging from “absolutely dissatisfied” to “extremely satisfied”.

And here it turned out that people with high incomes received more daily pleasure from life, and after an income of $ 75 thousand, pleasure did not slow down (as the authors of all previous studies believed), but continued to grow in accordance with income growth.

According to Killingworth, this is due to the fact that the authors of past studies took into account only dichotomous indicators of well-being, which left no room for identifying improvements that went beyond the given parameters.

What do we all need to be happy?

Based on the analysis of the obtained data, Killingworth concludes that the relationship between money and happiness can be explained by the feeling of control over one's life, which depends on the means that the respondent has.

Interestingly, the results of the study also suggest that money alone does not necessarily make its owner happier. Rather, the attitude of the respondent to the financial issue plays.

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“The importance of money per se has little to do with feelings of happiness,” writes Killingsworth, “it’s just that low-income people feel happier when they think that money doesn’t matter much. Rich people, on the other hand, are happy if they think money is everything.”

In addition, if a person begins to equate money with success, he usually begins to lose enjoyment in life.

Killingsworth also says that he has not been able to find the threshold beyond which money ceases to be associated with happiness, although "the factors that combine the pleasure of life with income are likely to be complex, numerous and unrelated."

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