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The future is here: a robotic surgeon has successfully performed several surgeries without human assistance

For years, the medical world has steadily advanced the art of robotic procedures, allowing physicians to perfect their technique in the operating room. The robot has now successfully performed surgery on pigs on its own, without the guiding hand of a human. In addition, scientists claim that the robot surgeon showed "significantly better" results than humans. Read more about this publication The Guardian.

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Autonomous robot Smart Tissue (Star) performed laparoscopic surgery to connect the two ends of the intestines in four pigs. According to an article published in Science Robotics, the robot excels in a procedure that requires a high level of precision and repetitive motion.

Axel Krieger of Johns Hopkins University said this is the first time a robot has performed laparoscopic surgery without human assistance.

“Our results show that we can automate one of the most complex and delicate tasks in surgery, which is reconnecting the two ends of the intestine,” he said. "Star performed the procedure on four animals and showed significantly better results than humans performing the same tasks."

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Connecting the two ends of the intestine is a complex procedure in gastrointestinal surgery, requiring the surgeon to suture with high precision and consistency. Even a slight trembling of the hands or an incorrectly placed stitch can lead to fatal complications for the patient.

Krieger, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Johns Hopkins University, helped build a robotic, controlled system specifically designed for soft tissue stapling. This improved on the 2016 model, which repaired the pig's intestines but required a large incision to access the intestines and additional human assistance.

Experts say the new features improve surgical precision, including dedicated suture instruments and systems that provide more accurate visualization of the surgical field.

Robots find it difficult to perform soft tissue operations due to their unpredictability, forcing them to quickly adapt to unexpected obstacles. The paper outlines a new control system for the Star robot, which can adjust surgical plans in real time, just like a human surgeon would.

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“What makes Star special is that it is the first robotic system that plans, adapts and executes soft tissue surgery with minimal human intervention,” said Krieger. – Robotic anastomosis (surgical connection of two structures) is one way to ensure that surgical tasks that require high precision and repeatability can be performed with greater precision and accuracy in each patient, regardless of the skill of the surgeon. We anticipate this will lead to a democratized surgical approach to patient care with more predictable and consistent outcomes.”

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