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Own housing for $1000 per month: mortgages on mini-homes in Texas caused a storm of emotions among Americans

When 34-year-old Billy Rojo (@billy_the_realtor) posted a tour of a new affordable housing community in San Antonio, he didn't expect the video to go viral. It has been viewed more than 500 times on TikTok and over 000 million on Twitter. Why users are furious with the houses that Rojo demonstrates, the publication told Yahoo!.

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At the beginning of the video, he says, “You asked for this, and here it is - the most affordable home in San Antonio, Texas. Let's take a look,” and then takes viewers through the breakfast nook, kitchen, bedroom and attic.

“It’s small but accessible,” Rojo assures.

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“This is a two-story home of over 600 square feet (55,7 sq. m.) with two full bathrooms and a mortgage of about $1000 per month for a total price of $136,” says the realtor. “I’m originally from San Diego, so I’m probably a little biased, but $900 a month for housing is, in my opinion, not very expensive.”

But on Twitter, people had their own thoughts about this tiny house project.

Some of them were outraged by the fact that these buildings were called “affordable”, although, in their opinion, denser apartment buildings should be built to solve the problem of the lack of affordable housing.

Others criticized the lifestyle these lodges offer: “As is typical in the suburbs, it combines most of the worst aspects of city and country life. Almost no open space, a boring area that is impossible to walk through. What is there to love?”

And their opponents say that all this is a suburb.

TikTok comments were no better: “The house costs no more than $50 thousand,” “It looks like a house from Home Depot,” “Even he’s laughing.”

Rojo was extremely surprised by the reaction to his harmless video.

“I didn’t think it would be so controversial. Usually people just scroll through my content if it doesn’t suit them, or comment if they like it,” the realtor admitted.

He believes the reaction is partly due to shock from people who didn't realize how much the housing market has changed over the past few years.

Rojo explained: “If you bought a house two years ago for $300, now that same house costs $000 more, and the interest rate has doubled from 100% to 000%. It’s getting harder to afford a home these days, and these tiny houses are a great affordable option.”

When he shows these homes to real clients, Rojo says they often really appreciate them.

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“I think what attracts them to tiny houses is the price. There is a home for everyone here. This is a military town, where there are many single, active and retired military personnel. You pay less than for an apartment, but you have more personal space. This is an ideal option for people on a fixed income,” explained the realtor.

Of course, this option is not suitable for growing families, but it is ideal for single people or military personnel, as Rojo mentioned.

He wasn't saying everyone should live in tiny houses, he was simply sharing properties in hopes of finding the right buyer. But the Internet took it personally.

But the reaction reflects a very real frustration with a housing market that is becoming increasingly difficult for younger generations. This feeling is very, very justified, but nagging the realtor about this will not achieve anything. Rojo is not responsible for building affordable housing.

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