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Scientists have created the whitest paint in the world: with it you can do without air conditioning in homes

A few years after the world went crazy for vantablack (a material that can absorb almost all light), a new shade has emerged at the other end of the spectrum. It's white paint that's so reflective that it could one day be the solution to the climate crisis. The publication told in more detail Mental Floss.

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A Purdue University team led by mechanical engineering professor Xiuling Ruan has developed an ultra-white coating that can reflect up to 98 percent of the sun's rays. When used on roofs, it can significantly reduce the temperature in rooms that are normally heated by heat absorption. On its surface, paint can be up to 8°F (4,5 Celsius) cooler than the surrounding air during the day and 19°F (10,6 Celsius) cooler at night.

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“If this paint were used to cover approximately 1000 square feet of roof area, we estimate the cooling capacity would be 93 kilowatts,” Ruan said in a statement. “This is more powerful than the central air conditioners used in most homes.”

For example, black asphalt can burn under the midday sun, while paint can feel cool to the touch. A mixture containing barium sulfate scatters light, which means it won't be unpleasant to look at.

Thermal reflective paints are not new, but Purdue University's recipe is a significant increase in efficiency that reduces cooling costs. Of course, the paint must be used on roofs that can accept it. Roofing tiles are not exactly suitable for this, although some types of tiles are already available with heat-reflecting properties. Of course, dirt buildup can affect the roof's performance over time—at least until it's cleaned.

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Purdue recently developed a lightweight version of the paint that will be used in automotive coatings, shoes and clothing. It could become commercially available next year.

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