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Seven unexpected professions that will soon disappear due to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and language models like OpenAI's ChatGPT offer new ways to make money without leaving home. But artificial intelligence threatens some professions to such an extent that they may cease to exist within a few decades. What 7 professions are under threat due to AI, the publication said GO Banking Rates.

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According to a recent McKinsey study, between 0 and 30% of jobs could be displaced by automation. The same study found that approximately 50% of all work activities are “technically automated” by adapting existing technologies, and 60% of all occupations have more than 30% of their activities that can be automated.

However, this does not mean that millions of jobs will be displaced in favor of AI or that job opportunities will decline overall. New opportunities are likely to emerge in areas that are more difficult to automate. However, they may require learning new skills.

For example, a McKinsey study found that the number of jobs for artists, designers, performers and media workers in the United States will increase by 8%. Demand for technology professionals will grow 2030% by 34, although the tasks they perform may differ from those we see today.

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On the other hand, office support staff such as administrative assistants are already beginning to be replaced by specialized applications and artificial intelligence platforms, and the number of job openings will decrease by 20% by 2030.

If you're fresh out of college and wondering about your career path or considering a career change, here are seven jobs that may not exist in the next decade.


By 2022, around 72% of installed meters will be smart meters, capable of monitoring a business or household's energy consumption and automatically reporting it to the supplier. These devices, called advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), can transmit data in real time, allowing consumers to be more conscious about their energy use.

Artificial intelligence algorithms can help make recommendations to reduce energy consumption and even detect discrepancies in energy use that indicate a problem. As older meters are phased out, inspectors will no longer have to trek through suburban areas to collect consumption data.

Parking lot controller

Likewise, smart digital parking meters will help phase out the use of parking enforcement officers—the people who issue tickets for illegally parked cars. Eliminating human parking lot enforcement will free up city and municipal budgets that can be used for beautification projects, installing electric vehicle chargers and other necessary expenses.

Data Entry Professionals

There are already many artificial intelligence tools that can automate the tedious work of data entry. Businesses find it difficult to match the accuracy, productivity, and cost savings of using AI for data entry. Professionals in this field should consider upgrading their qualifications.

ChatGPT creates many other work-from-home opportunities that may appeal to former data entry professionals. It is possible that AI will not completely eliminate the human element from the data entry process, and professionals will act as AI instructors and quality control, which could become a higher-paying position.

Legal secretaries, paralegals and paralegals

As with data entry, specialized AI programs can take over many tasks in a law firm. According to, the paralegal position may disappear along with other office jobs in the next decade.

However, after a New York law firm was fined $5000 for providing “fictitious legal research for an aviation injury claim,” lawyers may be more cautious than other industries about implementing AI in the absence of human oversight.

As with data entry jobs, it is likely that many legal roles will evolve and change, with human experts starting to work with artificial intelligence tools to optimize their work.

Fast food workers

Many fast food cashiers have already been replaced by kiosks that allow customers to place their own orders, or mobile apps that make it easy to order, pay and pick up food without human intervention. The next iteration of ordering tools will likely become even smarter at recommending products based on a customer's past preferences, sales and time of day.

But it's not just fast food cashiers who may soon be replaced entirely. Robot chefs such as Flippy 2 from Mis Robotics can be seen in action at select White Castle locations. Controlled by cameras and artificial intelligence, Flippy 2 can do some of the cooking work at a fast food restaurant.

Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers in major cities such as New York and Boston already face stiff competition from ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. As self-driving cars become more advanced, many jobs that require human drivers, including taxi drivers, could be replaced by artificial intelligence technologies.

Phoenix, San Francisco and Austin have already launched driverless robotaxi programs, but not without controversy. However, human drivers should keep an eye out for new career opportunities in the coming decade.

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People who are interrupted by advances during dinner or work may not be upset that telemarketers will also have to look for new jobs. However, the alternative may not be better for consumers who receive calls from salespeople. According to, several companies are already using artificial intelligence to make calls, and consumers cannot tell that the voice on the other end of the line is not human.

At some point in the sales process, human intervention will likely be required to close the deal. But artificial intelligence has the potential to help at virtually every stage of the sales process, transforming sales and marketing strategies for the next decade.

Even if many professions are displaced by technology, new ones will take their place. After all, jobs like video store clerks, elevator operators, and Netflix delivery people no longer exist because technology has advanced.

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