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Russian film 'Billion' goes to wide release in the US

The Russian adventure action “Billion” is coming out in wide use in the USA thanks to the cooperation of the distributor KinoKartina.TV with the international cinema chain Kinostar.

Photo: KinoKartina.TV

Adventure action from the director of the DukhLess dilogy Roman Prygunov “Billion” with Vladimir Mashkov and Alexandra Bortich is released in the USA.

The film 5 May will be shown in cinemas such cities:

Show start time specify by link.

Photo: KinoKartina.TV

According to the plot of the film "Billion", an influential banker (Vladimir Mashkov) does his best not to share property with his illegitimate sons. But when he is deprived of all the money, it turns out that only they can help Matvey ... To regain his fortune, the billionaire will be forced to rob his own bank in Monte Carlo. And to do this, he will have to complete an even more difficult task: to restore the trust of children who grew up without a father.

Interesting facts about the film:

  • Billion was filmed in the summer and autumn of 2018 in Moscow, St. Petersburg and on the Cote d'Azur in Marseille, Nice and Monte Carlo. Total work on the set took 44 of the day.
  • The picture was created in chronological order, which is a rarity for filmmaking.
  • The role of billionaire Matthew Levin was written specifically for Vladimir Mashkov.
  • In the shooting of the storming of the bank, along with the actors of the crowd scenes, the current employees of the French police participated.
  • One of the shooting days at the Stock Exchange Marseille was under threat, as a crowd of protesters gathered around the building. Fortunately, the head of the strikers turned out to be acquainted with the director of the French film crew and agreed to move the rally to the next street.
  • Vladimir Mashkov, without a backup, made a speedy ride through Moscow streets on an exclusive Mustang Shelby, which was involved in the filming of the movie "Gone in 60 seconds."
  • Fyodor Bavtrikov, in preparation for the role, watched documentaries about hackers and mastered the blind-printing method; Gela Meskhi learned to drive an excavator and took piano lessons; Vladimir Mashkov learned to deftly roll a coin in his fingers; Pavel Chinarev, together with artists, made up tattoos for his hero; Grigory Kalinin and Alexandra Bortich memorized remarks in French and constantly consulted with translators.

“” Billion ”is a project of a genre unique to our industry, very multifaceted and difficult to stage. At the same time, this is a film about very simple things - love, family values. About what is really important in life. And, of course, I am infinitely happy to work with Vladimir Mashkov. He is amazing, very generous in terms of emotions, very witty. I hope that we have become friends and that I will still have the opportunity to film him, "admitted the film's director Roman Prygunov.

Photo: KinoKartina.TV

“I was attracted by the wonderful script by Andrey Zolotarev and the talented team headed by the director Roman Prygunov. And, of course, my film children, with whom we together took on this emotional and touching work. It was fun for me to feel like a father with many children, and even an oligarch. I can say that, as a rule, these are very interesting and talented people. After all, money almost never falls from the sky. Being a person with a multi-billion dollar fortune is certainly one of the forms of freedom, but also a great challenge. Such a test falls to the lot of my hero, ”- Vladimir Mashkov shared his impressions of the role.

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