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Restaurant in Tennessee gave a customer a drink of water with cleaning agent: now he will be paid more than $ 9 million in compensation

Restaurant chain Cracker Barrel will pay out more than $ 9 million to a customer after he was served a glass of water laced with a chemical at one of them. The edition told in more detail USA Today.

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William Cronnon dined at Cracker Barrel in Marion County, Tennessee in April 2014, according to court documents and a statement from attorneys.

At some point, the client took a sip of what he thought was water. Soon Kronnon felt a burning sensation in his mouth and esophagus. He then went to the nearest emergency room as he was experiencing gastrointestinal problems with spasms, reflux pain, and more.

Eco-San is a "food contact disinfectant and stain remover designed for use in low temperature dishwashers," according to the website of Ecolab, the company that makes Eco-San.

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A Tennessee jury awarded Kronnon more than $4,3 million in damages and $5 million in punitive damages. But the funds transferred to the victim will not amount to $9,3 million due to the limitation of damages in accordance with state law.

The jury's ruling states that Kronnon should receive $4,4 million.

“While we have great respect for the litigation, we are certainly disappointed and strongly disagree with the decision of the judges in this case,” a spokesman for Cracker Barrel said. “I must say that we are considering our options regarding this decision, but at the same time we are glad that the issue is already behind us, so we better focus on taking care of our guests and employees across the country.”

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The attorneys' statement alleged that "Cracker Barrel employees routinely used unmarked water jugs to dissolve Eco-San in them and then soaked parts of the soda machine in the mixture to clean them."

“We are very pleased that the judges decided everything in favor of our client. He is a good and honest man, forced to live the rest of his years with the consequences of Cracker Barrel's dangerous policies," the statement said.

Lawyers assured that Kronnon's injuries "were severe enough that he could not work."

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